103+ Best Newsletter Subject Lines Examples & Samples

Newsletter subject lines are one of the first things your subscribers see in their inbox. A good subject line can make the difference between a subscriber opening your email or deleting it. However, crafting the perfect subject line can be tricky. To increase your chances of success also Newsletters can be a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated on your latest products or services. But if the subject lines of your newsletters aren’t catchy, people may not even bother opening them. So how can you come up with subject lines that are both interesting and engaging? Check out these tips!

Newsletter Email Subject Lines

Why Newsletter Subject Lines are Used?

A newsletter is a printed or electronic report of items of interest to those who have subscribed to it. It is typically transmitted regularly, such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Newsletters generally include sections such as “news” (i.e.,snippets of information about current events affecting the readership),editorials or commentary, and advertisements. The intent of newsletters is usually to inform, although they may also be used to sell products or services. As such, the importance of using effective newsletter subject lines cannot be understated.

A good subject line will entice readers to open the newsletter, while a bad one will cause it to be ignored or deleted. Furthermore, the subject line is often the only thing that readers will see before deciding whether to read the newsletter, so it must be able to stand on its own. Ultimately, an effective newsletter subject line can mean the difference between a successful marketing campaign and one that falls flat.

Newsletter Subject Lines Examples

  • “Breaking news: [Insert headline]”
  • “[Insert number] things you didn’t know about [insert topic]”
  • “[Insert number] ways to improve your [insert activity]”
  • “How to [insert action]”
  • “The ultimate guide to [insert topic]”
  • “[Insert number] things that are holding you back from [insert goal]”
  • “The reason why [insert event] is trending”
  • “Is [insert item] really worth it?”
  • “[Insert number] steps to take after [insert event]”
  • How to make the most out of [insert situation]”
  • The pros and cons of [insert decision]”
  • What to do when [insert obstacle] gets in the way”
  • How to turn your biggest weakness into your biggest strength”
  • The one skill you need to succeed at anything”
  • How anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work”
  • “From tragedy to triumph: The story of [insert individual]”
  • “In focus: 3 people making a difference in their communities”
  • “How to get involved in Giving Tuesday”
  • “Thankful for our staff: 5 reasons we’re grateful this holiday season”
  • “Wrap up 2017 with these 9 goals for the new year!”

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Newsletter Email Subject Lines

  • “You won’t believe what happened next!”
  • “Incredible images inside!”
  • “just in!”
  • “This just in!”
  • “Breaking news!”
  • “New photos released!”
  • “Hilarious video goes viral!”
  • “Updates on the latest [insert topic here] developments!”
  • “[Exclusive] behind the scenes look at [insert event name here]”
  • “Get the inside scoop on [insert celebrity name here]”
  • “[Hot off the press] new details about [insert upcoming event or release here]”
  • “You won’t want to miss this!”
  • “[How to] do [something]”
  • “[Just for you] we’ve got a special offer/discount on [something]”
  • [Don’t miss out!] Last chance to get tickets for [event name]”
  • “[Time sensitive] only 3 days left to enter our contest!”
  • “Sneak peek! See our new product before it’s released to the public”
  • “Meet our newest team member – say hello to [insert name here]”
  • “We’re moving! Our new address is…”
  • “[Alert] our website will be down for maintenance on [date].”

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Best Newsletter Subject Lines

  • You won’t believe what happened next!”
  • “Breaking news: [insert headline here]”
  • “[User’s first name], we have some news for you!”
  • “Introducing [new product or service]”
  • “Thank you for being a loyal subscriber!”
  • “How to [insert helpful tip]”
  • “Last chance: [insert time-sensitive offer]”
  • “There’s a new [product or service] in town”
  • “We’re giving away [prize] to one lucky subscriber!”
  • “Alert! [Time-sensitive message]”
  • “Back by popular demand!”
  • “[User’s first name], we missed you!”
  • “Welcome back, [user’s first name]!”
  • “[User’s first name], it’s time to renew your subscription!”
  • “It’s been awhile since we talked, hasn’t it?”
  • “We’re sorry, but your subscription has expired.”
  • “Talk to us! We want to hear from you!”
  • “Submit your questions for our next Q&A session!
  • “[User’s first name], thanks for being such a great subscriber!”
  • “[User’s first name], we hope you enjoy this week’s issue!”

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Monthly Newsletter Subject Lines

  • “Get ahead of the game”
  • mindset hacks for success”
  • “How to manage your time”
  • “Balance your work and life”
  • “Tips for a more productive day”
  • “The power of positive thinking”
  • “Visualize your goals”
  • “Break bad habits”
  • “Make time for yourself”
  • “Setting boundaries”
  • “Live in the present moment”
  • “Let go of what’s holding you back”
  • “Don’t be afraid to fail”
  • “Learn from your mistakes”
  • “Forgive and forget”
  • “Think outside the box”
  • “Be yourself”
  • Follow your heart
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Trust your gut instinct

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Newsletter Opening Lines

  • “Welcome to the first edition of [newsletter name]!”
  • “Thank you for subscribing to [newsletter name]!”
  • “We’re excited to bring you the latest edition of [newsletter name].”
  • “In this issue of [newsletter name], we’ll be exploring…”
  • “[Newsletter name] is back with another issue packed full of useful information!”
  • “This week in [newsletter name], we’re featuring…”
  • “If you’re looking for something interesting to read, look no further than this week’s edition of [newsletter name].”
  • “[Newsletter name] is here with your weekly dose of news, views and insights!”
  • “Hello and welcome to another edition of [newsletter name].”
  • “[Newsletter name] is back with all the latest news, reviews and articles.”
  • “This week’s edition of [newsletter name] features…”
  • “[Newsletter name] is pleased to present another selection of informative articles.”
  • “[Newsletter name] has something for everyone in this week’s issue!”
  • “There’s plenty to enjoy in this week’s edition of [newsletter name].”
  • “[Newsletter name] is excited to share the following articles with you.”
  • “We hope you enjoy this week’s issue of [newsletter name].”
  • “[Newsletter name] brings you the latest news and insights on…”
  • “This week in [newsletter name], we take a look at…”
  • “[Newsletter name]’s latest issue is now available, featuring…”
  • “Welcome to another edition of [newsletter name]. We hope you enjoy it!”

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I hope you enjoyed reading these tips on writing catchy newsletter subject lines! The most important thing to remember is to keep your audience in mind and write something that will interest them. With a little practice, you’ll be able to write great headlines that will encourage people to open your emails. If you’re still having trouble coming up with ideas, try looking at other newsletters that you enjoy reading. See what kinds of headlines they use and try to emulate their style. With a little experimentation, you’ll be able to find a formula that works for you and your business. Thanks for reading!

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