101+ Best Car Sales Email Subject Lines Ideas & Examples

It’s no secret that email is one of the most effective marketing channels out there. And when it comes to car sales, email can be a huge help in boosting your business. In this post, we’ll share 101+ best car sales email subject lines ideas and examples to help you get started. We’ll also provide some tips on how to write successful email subject lines for car sales. So whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or you’re looking for new ways to boost your car sales, read on!

best email subject lines for car sales

Email Subject Lines for Auto Sales

  • “We have the perfect car for you!”
  • “Introducing the all-new [model name]!”
  • “[Model name] is now available!”
  • “New inventory alert: [model name]”
  • “You won’t believe our latest offer on the [model name]”
  • “[Manufacturer] is offering 0% financing on the [model name]”
  • “[Model name] lease offers starting at just $[monthly payment]/month”
  • “Hurry in and take advantage of our [manufacturer] Presidents’ Day sale!”
  • “[Model name] starting at just $[price]”
  • “Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can help!”
  • “‘I’m interested in buying a car.’ – Every lead starts with this phrase”
  • “How to turn ‘I’m interested in buying a car’ into ‘I’m driving my new car home today'”
  • “Are you ready to trade-in your old car?”
  • “‘What’s your budget?’ – Asking this one simple question can increase sales”
  • “How to handle an auto sales objection like a pro”
  • “‘I need to think about it.’ – What your prospect is really saying (and how to respond)”
  • “‘I need to check with my spouse.’ – Another objection and how to overcome it”
  • “The ultimate guide to closing an auto sales deal”
  • “‘I have to talk to my insurance agent.’ – One final objection and how you can win”

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Best Email Subject Lines for Car Sales

  • “You Won’t Believe the Deal We Have on a New Car for You!”
  • “Ready to Upgrade Your Current Ride?”
  • “Get Ready to Turn Heads in Your New Car!”
  • “Make a Statement in Your New Car!”
  • “Time for an Upgrade?”
  • “We Have the Perfect Car for You!”
  • “Feeling the Need for Speed?”
  • “Turning Heads Will Be Easy in Your New Car!”
  • “Summer Is the Perfect Time for a New Car!”
  • “‘X’ Model Just Arrived – Act Now!”
  • “‘X’Percent Off All Cars This Weekend Only!”
  • “‘X’ Model Now Available – Limited Supply!”
  • “‘X’ Model Going Fast – Don’t Miss Out!”
  • “Hottest Deals of the Year on Now!”
  • “Sale Extended! Get ‘X’ Percent Off All Cars!”
  • “Final Days! Get ‘X’ Percent Off All Cars!”
  • “End of Summer Sale! Get ‘X’ Percent Off All Cars!”
  • “Back-to-School Sale! Get ‘X’ Percent Off All Cars!”
  • ” Labor Day Sale! Get ‘X’ Percent Off All Cars!”
  • ” Memorial Day Sale! Get ‘X’ Percent Off All Cars!”

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Car Sales Email Titles

  • “New Car Sales Event – 20% Off All Cars!”
  • “Don’t Miss Our Car Sale – Ends Tomorrow!”
  • “Save on Your Next Car Purchase – Come to our Sale Today!”
  • “Huge Savings on Cars this Week Only!”
  • ” selection of cars on sale now!”
  • “Sale ends soon – don’t miss your chance to save!”
  • “Time’s running out – hurry in for best selection!”
  • “No need to wait for summer – our car sale is here now!”
  • “Get the car you’ve always wanted – on sale now!”
  • “Spring into savings with our car sale event!”
  • ” Fall into savings with our latest car sale!”
  • “Biggest ever car sale this weekend only!”
  • “It’s raining savings! Take advantage of our car sale today!”
  • “Windy City Savings! Car Sale This Weekend Only!”
  • ” Earn your bonus this week and put it towards a new car!”
  • ” Use your tax return to buy the car of your dreams!”
  • ” Manufacturer’s savings passed on to you – don’t miss our car sale event!”
  • ” incentives plus our own special deals – come see us today!”
  • ” 0% financing for a limited time only – don’t miss this chance to save big on your new car purchase!”
  • ” Get ahead of the game and buy your new car before everyone else does! Sale ends soon.”

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Subject Lines For Car Sales

  • You Won’t Believe the Deal We Have on X Car”
  • “Hurry in Before Our X Car Sale Ends!”
  • “Introducing the All-New X Car”
  • “Why the X Car is the Perfect Fit for You”
  • “Meet Your Match: Find the Perfect Car for You”
  • “‘X’ Safe, ‘Y’ Efficient, and ‘Z’ Fun: The X Car delivers on all fronts”
  • “Confused about which car to buy? Let us help you decide”
  • “You’re Invited: The X Car Reveal Party”
  • “All About the X Car: Everything You Need to Know”
  • “‘X’ Reasons Why the X Car is Right for You”
  • “Best of Both Worlds: The X and Y Cars Come Together”
  • “We Have Good News and Bad News for Fans of the Y Car…”
  • “Can’t Afford a New Car? Buy a Used One from Us Instead!”
  • “What’s Hot This Season? The All-New X Car!”
  • “How to Get the Most Out of Your New X Car Purchase”
  • “Leasing vs Buying? Pros and Cons of Both Options”
  • “We Want Your Trade-In! What’s Your Car Worth?”
  • “Thinking About Selling Your Car? We Can Help with that Too!”
  • “Get Pre-Approved for an Auto Loan in 60 Seconds or Less!”
  • “Car Shopping on a Budget? Check Out Our Deals Under $X,XXX!

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What are the benefits of using Car Sales Email Subject Lines?

Car salesmen are always looking for an edge. They know that the difference between a successful sale and an unsuccessful one can often come down to the smallest of details. That’s why so many salesmen are now turning to email subject lines as a way to increase their response rate. When used correctly, email subject lines can be a powerful tool for closing more deals. Here are just a few of the benefits that they offer:

  • Increased visibility: In today’s overcrowded inboxes, it’s important to do whatever you can to make your messages stand out. By using an attention-grabbing subject line, you’ll ensure that your message is seen by more people.
  • Greater customization: Email subject lines offer you a chance to personalize your message in a way that other forms of communication simply can’t match. By tailoring your subject line to the specific needs of your customer, you’ll be able to increase your chances of making a sale.
  • More control: With email subject lines, you have complete control over the timing and delivery of your message. This means that you can send your message when it’s most likely to be read and responded to, increasing your chances of making a sale.

4.Improved ROI: When used correctly, email subject lines can significantly improve your return on investment. By investing a few moments in crafting an effective subject line, you’ll be able to reap the rewards in terms of increased sales and higher profits. Car salesmen who igonre this valuable tool do so at their own peril.


I hope you found this blog helpful in coming up with your own Car Sales Email Subject Lines. Email subject lines are important in the car sales industry because they are one of the first things that potential customers see. In order to make sure that your email subject line is effective, you should keep it short, clear, and interesting. You can also use emojis or symbols to capture attention. Remember, the goal is to get potential customers interested in what you have to say so that they will read your email. Thanks for reading!

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