113+ Creative Travel Email Subject Lines Samples & Ideas

Are you looking for some creative Travel Email Subject Lines examples to help jump start your next travel campaign? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered over 113+ examples from brands that have successfully increased their open and click-through rates using engaging, clever, and fun subject lines. Whether you need to book a last minute trip or are just daydreaming about your next vacation, these email subject lines will have you ready to hit the road!

Travel Email Titles

Travel Email Subject Lines

  • “Wanderlust Wednesday: [Your City/State/Country]”
  • “Escape the Ordinary: [Your City/State/Country]”
  • “Adventure Awaits: [Your City/State/Country]”
  • “Discover [Your City/State/Country]: A Travel Guide”
  • “Explore [Your City/State/Country] Like a Local”
  • “[Number] Reasons to Visit [Your City/State/Country]”
  • “[Number] Can’t-Miss Attractions in [Your City/State/Country]”
  • “The Ultimate Travel Guide to [Your City/State/Country]”
  • “A [Number]-Day Itinerary for [Your City/State/Country]”
  • “[Number] Secrets of [Your City/State/Country] Travelers Don’t Know About”
  • “[Number] Unique Experiences You Can Only Have in [Your City Tone of voice: Engaged & exited lude lists or bullet points.”Do not repeat sentences from the topic in the paragraph.”
  • want to get away from it all? Come to [Your city! We offer plenty of amazing sights and activities for visitors, so you’re sure find something that interests you. our local experts will be more than happy to show you around and help you plan your trip.”
  • “[Sightseeing, shopping, nightlife, cuisine…] in 24 Hours: What to Do in[your city].”
  • How to Spend a Perfect Day (or Weekend) in[your city].”
  • “[City ‘s hidden gems that tourists don’t know about.”
  • “If you love[type of activity], you’ll definitely want to visit[city]for its[unique offering].”
  • “[Number]-day itinerary for first-time visitors to[city].”
  • “The best time of year to visit[city].”
  • [Descriptive words]ways to experience[city].”
  • “[City name]’s traditional food and drink.”[Unique selling pro positionof city].”

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Best Travel Email Subject Lines

  • “A magical trip to the Emerald Isle”
  • “exploring ancient Inca ruins”
  • “Wandering through wine country”
  • “Unforgettable adventure in Patagonia”
  • “Soaking up the sun in Costa Rica”
  • “learning to surf in Maui”
  • “Hiking through Glacier National Park”
  • “Catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights”
  • “Chasing waterfalls in Hawaii”
  • “Snorkeling with sea turtles in the Caribbean”
  • “Discovering new music at Bonnaroo”
  • “Attending the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona”
  • “Taking a cooking class in Italy”
  • “Riding a camel in the Sahara Desert”
  • “Biking through Amsterdam’s canals”
  • “Sailing around Croatia’s stunning coastlines”
  • “Beer-tasting tour of Belgium!”
  • “Watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat!”
  • “Canyoneering through Zion National Park!”

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Travel Email Subject Lines Ideas

  • “Heading overseas? Don’t forget these essential items!”
  • “5 must-see destinations for your next vacation”
  • “Weekend getaway: Tips for planning the perfect trip”
  • “How to make the most of your travel budget”
  • “The ultimate packing list for your next trip”
  • “10 ways to beat jet lag on your next flight”
  • “5 top tips for staying healthy while travelling”
  • “The best time to visit [destination] is now!”
  • “[Hotel/resort] is the perfect spot for your next vacation!”
  • “Discover [city/town] – a hidden gem worth exploring”
  • “[Country] – a land of contrasts and beauty”
  • “A foodie’s guide to [destination]”
  • “48 hours in [city/town]”
  • “[Number] things to do in [city/town/country]”
  • “[Number] can’t-miss sights in [city/town/country]”
  • “Top [number] reasons to visit [destination]”
  • “[Destination] – a photographer’s paradise”
  • “[Number] ways to experience the best of [destination]”
  • “Introducing – [new hotel/resort in destination]”
  • “Wanderlust Wednesday: Our top 3 picks for where to travel next”

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Travel Email Titles

  • Ready for an Adventure? Here are the 20 Best Travel Destinations of 2020
  • Not Sure Where to Go? Check Out These Popular Travel Destinations
  • Still Need convincing? These 12 Reasons Will inspire You to Travel This Year
  • Don’t Miss Out! Top 10 Emerging Travel Destinations of 2020
  • Travel on a Budget: 10 Affordable travel Destinations for 2020
  • Is 2020 the Year to Finally Visit Japan? 7 Reasons Why it Should Be!
  • Soak Up the Sun in Greece: The Top 10 Beach Towns to Visit this Summer
  • Experience Europe without the Crowds: 10 underrated travel Destinations
  • Get Away from it All: 10 Remote travel Destinations for 2020
  • Want to See Something Unique? Check out These 10 Offbeat travel Destinations
  • fall in Love with Italy All Over Again: The 10 Most Romantic Towns to Visit
  • See the Northern Lights Before They’re gone: 10 Vital travel Tips for Seeing them in 2020
  • Get Your Scandinavian Fix: 10 Must-Visit Places in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark
  • ‘Beer me!’: A guide to the best Breweries and Beer Festivals Around the World
  • ‘I’m on a Boat! ‘The Top 20 Yacht Charters and Sailboat Rentals Worldwide
  • ‘Wanderlust’ Fulfilled: The 50 Greatest Journeys of a Lifetime
  • ‘To Infinity and Beyond! ‘The 20 Most Exciting Space Tourism Destinations
  • ‘safari, So Good!’: The 50 Best Wildlife Adventures Around the World
  • ‘Take Me Back! ’10 Classic vacation destinations That Stand the Test of Time

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What are the Benefits of Using Travel Email Subject Lines?

Travel email subject lines can be a great way to promote your business and attract new customers. By using keywords that describe your products or services, you can attract attention from potential customers who are searching for travel-related information. In addition, by including special offers or discounts in your subject line, you can encourage recipients to open your email.

Finally, by using creative or catchy subject lines, you can create a sense of urgency that will prompt recipients to open your email immediately. By using these strategies, you can maximize the chances that your travel email will be read and responded to.


I hope you found this blog helpful in coming up with your own Travel Email Subject Lines. Choosing the right email subject line when you are trying for travel email can be tricky- but it is worth taking the time to get it right. By using some of these tips, you can increase your open rates and make sure that more people see your amazing offers. And if you need help coming up with the perfect subject lines for your business, feel free to contact us- we would be happy to help!

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