107+ Unique Survey Email Subject Lines Examples & Ideas

When it comes to conducting a survey, one of the most important things to consider is your email subject line. After all, this is what will determine whether or not your target audience actually opens and reads your email. So, what makes a good survey email subject line? Here are a more than 107 examples which would help you for your next survey campaign as an inspiration! so without getting more late lets get started

survey subject lines

Survey Subject Lines

  • “Tell us what you really think!”
  • “We want to hear from you!”
  • “Your opinion counts!”
  • ” Take our survey and let us know what you think!”
  • “What do you think about our new product?”
  • “How can we improve our service?”
  • “How satisfied are you with our product?”
  • “Tell us what you like about our product!”
  • “What do you think of our new website?”
  • “How easy is it to find what you’re looking for on our website?”
  • “We want to know what you think!”
  • “Let us know how we’re doing!”
  • “Give us your feedback!”
  • “We appreciate your feedback!”
  • “How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend?”
  • Is there anything we could do better?”
  • How satisfied are you with…”
  • How often do you…”
  • What is your favorite…”
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate…”

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Subject Line for Asking Feedback

  • I need your help!
  • Quick question for you
  • Can I pick your brain?
  • Do you have a minute?
  • I’m looking for advice
  • Your opinion needed!
  • What do you think about this?
  • Could use your expertise…
  • Would love to hear your thoughts!
  • Check out my work and let me know what you think
  • I’d appreciate any feedback you have
  • Just finished this project, would love to get your thoughts!
  • Trying something new, would love to know what you think!
  • Any comments/suggestions on this?
  • Good or bad, I want to hear it all!
  • Not sure if I’m headed in the right direction with this…
  • How does this look? (link)
  • Am I missing anything here?
  • What could I improve on?
  • How can I make this better?

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Survey Invitation Email Subject Line

  • “You’re invited to participate in a survey about [topic]”
  • “We need your feedback: take our survey about [topic]”
  • “Quick survey about [topic] – your feedback is appreciated!”
  • “[Company] survey: help us improve by taking our short questionnaire”
  • “It’ll only take a minute: answer our quick survey about [topic]”
  • “Tell us what you think: participate in our short survey”
  • “A few questions for you: please take our survey”
  • “[Topic] survey – your input is valuable to us!”
  • “Thanks in advance for your feedback: take our survey now”
  • “[Topic] survey – last chance to have your say!”
  • “We appreciate your time: please take our survey”
  • “Thanks for being a customer! Please take our survey”
  • “@name, we value your opinion – please take our short survey!”
  • “[Topic] survey – it only takes a minute, we promise!”
  • “[Topic] survey for a chance to win a $50 gift card!”
  • “Take our short survey and be entered to win a $100 gift card!”
  • “Complete our quick survey and receive a discount code for 20% off your next purchase!”
  • “Give us your feedback and be entered to win a free month of premium service!”
  • “(1) question Survey! Complete for a chance to win an Amazon gift card!”;
  • “30-second Survey! Give us your valuable feedback & time today!”

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Best Survey Subject Lines

  • “Can we ask for 2 minutes of your time?”
  • “We need YOUR help!”
  • “A quick question for you!”
  • “How did we do?”
  • “We want to hear from you!”
  • “What do you think?”
  • “Let us know what you think!”
  • “[Company] survey – win a $100 gift card!”
  • “[Company] survey – your feedback counts!”
  • “How could we improve?”
  • “How likely are you to recommend us?”
  • “What do you love about [company]?”
  • “Suggestions for improvement?”
  • “What’s the best part of our service/product?”
  • Taking our survey = a chance to win $250!
  • We’re conducting a survey and would love YOUR feedback!
  • “Thanks for being a [company] customer! Please take our survey.”
  • “We’re constantly trying to improve our service. Please take our survey.”
  • “Thank you for your purchase! We’d appreciate if you could take this short survey.”
  • “Welcome to our new website! Please tell us what you think.”

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Survey Reminder Email Subject Line

  • “Reminder: Complete our survey for a chance to win a $100 gift card!”
  • “Only a few days left to take our survey!”
  • “We want to hear from you! Take our survey today.”
  • “Time is running out! Complete our survey before it closes.”
  • “Don’t miss your chance! Complete our survey today.”
  • “Take our survey now for a chance to be featured in our next newsletter!”
  • “We’re closing the survey soon, so make sure to take it today!”
  • “Thanks for taking our survey! Here’s a $5 coupon for your trouble.”
  • “Last call! Take our survey now and get entered to win a prize.”
  • “Complete our survey and help us improve!”
  • “Your feedback is important to us! Please take our survey.”
  • “We value your opinion! Take our survey now.”
  • “Help us out by taking our quick and easy survey!”
  • “‘survey’ You have 1 new message” <-Exited & Engage
  • “[Company Name] Survey – won’t take long, we promise!”
  • “A quick favor? Complete our survey and get 10% off your next purchase!”
  • “‘s Quick Survey-” <- short & simple
  • “I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest blog post!” <- Personal & relatable
  • “It’ll only take 2 minutes, I promise!” <- Urgency
  • “You could be the lucky winner of a $50 Amazon gift card…” <- bribe

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What are the benefits of using Survey Email Subject Lines?

The use of Survey Email Subject Lines can have many benefits for both the sender and the recipient. First, it can help the sender to get more accurate feedback from the recipient. This is because the recipient is more likely to open and read an email with a subject line that specifically mentions a survey. Second, it can help to increase the response rate to the survey. This is because recipients are more likely to take the time to complete a survey if they know that their feedback is appreciated and valued.

Finally, it can help to build goodwill between the sender and the recipient. This is because recipients who feel like their feedback is really being listened to and used are more likely to be cooperative and responsive in future communications. Ultimately, the use of Survey Email Subject Lines can be a great way to improve communication and relationships between organizations and their customers or clients.


I hope you found the blog helpful in coming up with your own Survey Email Subject Line. Crafting the perfect survey email subject lines can be tricky, but it’s worth taking the time to get it right. After all, your subject line is often the make-or-break factor when it comes to getting your target audience to open and engage with your survey. A good rule of thumb is to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. And if you’re still struggling, our list of Survey Email Subject Line Examples should give you the inspiration you need to get started. Thanks for reading and i

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