105+ Best Subject Lines that Get Opened Ideas & Examples

In our fast-paced, digital world, email has become one of the most commonly-used forms of communication. With so many emails vying for attention in recipients’ inbox. It can be tricky to write a subject lines that will guarantee that your email gets opened. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of examples of great email subject lines that are sure to get your message noticed. From pithy one-liners to humorous puns, these subject lines will grab your readers’ attention and encourage them to open your email. So go ahead and give them a try – your next great email campaign is sure to be a success!

email subject lines that get opened

Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

  • “You Won’t Believe What Just Happened…”
  • “I Have Some Good News and Bad News”
  • “Introducing the Newest Member of the Team”
  • “Last Chance: Tickets Almost Gone!”
  • “Can We Talk?”
  • “Sorry for the Delay”
  • “Thank You”
  • “Check out Our Specials this Week”
  • “2for1 Sale Ends Tomorrow!”
  • “We Won!”
  • “Alert: Suspicious Activity Detected on Your Account”
  • “What Are You Waiting For?”
  • “Deadline Approaching: Action Required”
  • “It’s Time to Renew Your Membership”
  • “‘You’ve Been Invited to Join Our Exclusive Club'”
  • “Congratulations, You’re a Winner!”
  • “Final Notice: Past Due Amount Owed”
  • “Reminder: Appointment Tomorrow at 10am”
  • “We Miss You!”
  • “Urgent! Please Respond Immediately”

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Email Titles That Get Opened

  • “Alert: Your account has been compromise”
  • “A message from your insurance company”
  • “Your order has shipped!”
  • “Can we meet for coffee?”
  • “A new blog post from XYZ”
  • “Webinar: How to XYZ”
  • “‘How to’ guide: XYZ”
  • “Case study: XYZ”
  • “”Warning: This email may contain sensitive information””
  • “”Action required: please update your billing information””
  • “”Congratulations, you’ve been chose!””
  • “”Thank you for subscribing!””
  • “”Invitation: private preview of XYZ””
  • “”The results are in!””
  • “”We need to talk…””
  • “”Sorry for the delay, we’ve been busy!””
  • “”Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…””
  • “”We’re hiring!””
  • “”Thank you!””

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Email Subjects that Get Opened

  • Personalize your emails with the recipient’s name in the subject line.
  • Use emojis in your subject line to add an element of fun and personality.
  • Write clear and concise subject lines that state exactly what’s inside.
  • Keep your subject lines short – under 50 characters is ideal.
  • Use actionable language that encourages recipients to open your email.
  • Urgency works! Use words like “now,” “today,” or “limited time only” to create a sense of urgency.
  • Use numbers and lists in your subject line to give recipients a preview of what’s inside.
  • Make sure your email content is relevant and interesting to your target audience.
  • Avoid using spammy words like “free,” “win,” or “deal” in your subject line.
  • Test different subject lines to see what gets the best open rate for your list.
  • Pay attention to the days and times when your emails get the most opens and clicks.
  • Use A/B testing to fine-tune your email subject lines for even better results.”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – if something is working well, stick with it!
  • “Re-engage inactive subscribers with personalized reactivation emails..”
  • “Welcome new subscribers with a special offer or discount..”
  • “Cross-promote other products or services with targeted upsell or cross-sell emails..”
  • “Build customer loyalty by sending VIP offers or exclusive discounts..”
  • “Generate word-of-mouth marketing buzz with shareworthy content..”
  • “Tease upcoming sales or product launches with sneak peek previews..”
  • ” Encourage customer feedback with post-purchase satisfaction surveys..”.

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Email Headlines That Get Opened

  • “You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!”
  • “Time-Sensitive: Act Now!”
  • “Breaking News: [Insert Update]”
  • “Are You Ready for [Insert Event]?”
  • “[First Name], Here’s Your Personal Invitation”
  • “Customized Recommendations Just for You”
  • “A Message from the CEO”
  • “[Number] Reasons Why [Topic]”
  • “How to [Solve a Problem]”
  • “[Number]-Step Guide to [Topic]”
  • “The Ultimate Collection of [Type of Content]”
  • “[Product] Review: Is it Worth It?”
  • “Introducing the New [Product or Service]”
  • “[Product or Service]: Pros and Cons”
  • “Is [Trending Topic] Right for You?”
  • “[Number] Myths About [Topic] Debunked”
  • “CASE STUDY: How [Company or Person] Achieved [Goal or Outcome]”
  • “WARNING: Do NOT Make This Mistake with [Topic]”
  • “[Number]-Day Challenge to Help You Achieve [Goal]”
  • “[Local event], Save the Date!”

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Best Subject Line to Get Email Opened

  • “You won’t believe what happened next!”
  • “Introducing our newest product/service!”
  • “Save the date: [event name]”
  • “[Company Name] in the news!”
  • “[First Name], we miss you!”
  • “Time-sensitive offer inside!”
  • “Can we help you with [problem]?”
  • “[Insightful article] for [target market]”
  • “Check out our latest case study!”
  • “[Number] ways to [solve a problem]”
  • “A message from our CEO”
  • “Happy [holiday] from [company name]!”
  • “We’re hiring!”
  • “Customer survey results are in!”
  • “We have some good news and some bad news…”
  • “Alert: [industry news]”
  • “Need help with [task]?”
  • “Thank you for being a loyal customer!”
  • “Reminder: [event or deadline]”
  • [Informational blog post]

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What are the benefits of using Subject Lines that Get Opened?

The benefits of using Subject Lines that Get Opened are manifold. For one, they help to ensure that your email is actually seen by the recipient. After all, no matter how well-crafted your message may be, it will do you no good if it never makes it to the inbox. But beyond simply getting your message deliver, an effective subject line can also entice the recipient to actually open and read your email. In a world where the average person receives hundreds of emails per day, a good subject line is essential for standing out from the crowd. Subject Lines that Get Opened are thus an important tool for any email marketing campaign. Not only do they help to ensure delivery. But they also boost open rates and improve the chances that your message will be seen and read.


Don’t let your open rates suffer because you don’t know how to write a good subject line. Follow the tips in this blog post and start seeing those numbers go up. And if you need help, we’re always here. Just shoot us an email or give us a call. We hope you found this blog helpful. Now go out there and start writing some great subject lines!

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