105+ Best Medical Email Subject Lines Ideas

In the world of marketing, first impressions are everything. And when it comes to medical email, subject lines is your first opportunity to make a good impression on your recipients. After all, it’s the first thing they see when they open their inbox. So, what makes a good subject line? Here are a few tips to keep in mind: Keep it short and sweet. The average person receives dozens, if not hundreds, of emails each day. They’re not going to waste time reading a long, rambling subject line.

Keep it relevant. Your subject line should be relevant to the content of your email. If it’s not, your recipients are likely to delete it without even opening it. Be creative. A boring, generic subject line is less likely to capture attention than a creative one. So, don’t be afraid to get a little quirky with your subject lines! By following these tips, you can ensure that your emails stand out from the crowd and get read by your recipients.

Best Healthcare Email Subject Lines

Email Subject for Health Issues

  • Worried about your blood pressure? Check your numbers with this at-home test.
  • New breakthroughs in cancer research – learn what they mean for you
  • Get relief from migraines with this simple, 3-step treatment
  • protect yourself from the flu this season – get vaccinated now
  • Don’t suffer from back pain any longer – find out how to get relief
  • Tired all the time? You could have sleep apnea – find out how to get diagnosed
  • Start your day off right with these healthy breakfast ideas
  • Sneaky ways sugar is hiding in your diet – be sugar-free in just 2 weeks!
  • Do you know your cholesterol numbers? Get them checked today
  • Need to lower your stress levels? Try these 5 easy tips
  • What you need to know about the new Zika virus
  • 4 ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • “I thought I was eating healthy, but…” Take this short quiz to find out
  • Is sitting all day giving you back pain? 4 exercises to do at your desk
  • “I can’t lose weight no matter what I do!” 5 expert tips to help you slim down
  • ‘I’m so forgetful!’ Could it be dementia? 10 early signs to look out for
  • ‘I’m always tired!’ Anemia could be the reason why – find out more
  • ‘My joints are killing me!’ arthritis could be the culprit – here’s what you need to know
  • ‘I can’t concentrate!’ ADHD might be to blame – talk to your doctor today
  • ‘I just don’t feel well…’ When to see a doctor vs. self-treating at home

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Best Healthcare Email Subject Lines

  • “Achieving optimal health starts with [insert your service].”
  • “We’re here to help you feel your best.”
  • “Welcome to [insert your practice name].”
  • “Get back to living with our help.”
  • “We make feeling better easy.”
  • “See how we can help you reach your goals.”
  • “[Insert introduction] + Your Health = Success!”
  • “[Practice name] – providing top-quality care since [year].”
  • “Receive world-class care without having to leave home.”
  • “You’re one step closer to optimal health.”
  • “Find out how we can help you feel better today.”
  • “We offer convenient care that fits into your busy schedule.”
  • ”See why our patients love us!”
  • “Don’t suffer any longer – let us help you find relief.”
  • “[Practice name] – where health comes first.
  • “Choose quality care – choose [practice name].”
  • ”The road to recovery starts here.'”
  • ”A healthier tomorrow begins today.'”
  • ”We’re with you every step of the way.'”
  • ”Because your health Matters.'”

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Email Subject for Health Issues Ideas

  • “Are You Stressing Out About Your Health?”
  • “Worried About Your Health?”
  • “Don’t Ignore Your Health!”
  • “Your Health Matters!”
  • “It’s Time to Take Care of Yourself!”
  • “No More Neglecting Your Health!”
  • “You Deserve Good Health!”
  • “Invest in Your Health!”
  • “Your Health is a Priority!”
  • “Make Time for Your Health!”
  • “Your Health Comes First!”
  • “Put Your Health First!”
  • “There’s No Time Like the Present to Improve Your Health!”
  • 15Small lifestyle changes that will improve your health
  • “How [insert health condition] is affecting your life”
  • “The scariest things about [insert health condition]”
  • “Why self-care is important (and how to do it)”
  • “What I’ve learned from my experience with [insert health condition]”
  • “What I wish I’d known about [insert health condition]”
  • “How to talk to your doctor about [insert health issue]”

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Email Subject for Health Issue Example

  • 10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter
  • Get a Jump on Spring with These Healthy Tips!
  • Survive the Heat – Tips to Stay Cool and Hydrated
  • 5 Foods that Boost Immunity
  • The Benefits of Meditation for Stress Relief
  • 7 Simple Steps to Reduce stress
  • 4 exercises for a better night’s sleep
  • How to make time for fitness in a busy schedule
  • 3 secrets to happiness
  • Yoga for beginners – 5 poses to start with
  • The benefits of aromatherapy for relaxation
  • 5 ways to reduce anxiety naturally
  • The best essential oils for relaxation
  • Meditation for anxiety – 3 simple tips to get started today
  • How to decrease stress levels quickly
  • 10 foods that fight inflammation
  • 7 natural remedies for headaches and migraines
  • 3 breathing exercises for relaxation
  • 5 yoga poses for better posture
  • 6 stretches to relieve tension headaches

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What are the Benefits of Using Medical Email Subject Lines?

Any marketer will tell you that email subject lines are essential to the success of an email campaign. But what about medical email subject lines? Surely the same principles apply, but are there any specific benefits to using them?

As it turns out, there are several benefits to using medical email subject lines. First, they help to ensure that your emails are delivered to the right people. With so many different types of medical professionals out there, it can be difficult to make sure that your emails end up in the correct inboxes. But by using medical email subject lines, you can be sure that your messages will be routed to the right place.

Second, medical email subject lines can help to increase open rates. Because medical professionals are often time-strapped and inundated with emails, they are more likely to open an email if they know that it pertains to their field. By including relevant keywords in your subject line, you can increase the chances that your email will be opened and read.

Third, medical email subject lines can help to build trust and credibility with your recipients. In a highly competitive industry like healthcare, trust is essential. By using a professional and trustworthy sounding subject line, you can show recipients that you are a credible source of information. This could lead to more opens, clicks, and conversions down the line.

Overall, there are numerous benefits to using medical email subject lines. From increasing open rates to building trust and credibility, they offer a multitude of advantages for both healthcare marketers and providers alike. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your next email campaign, consider incorporating these important strategies.


With so many emails being sent out each day, it is important to make sure that your email subject lines are well thought out and attention grabbing. By following the tips we have provided in this blog post, you can be on your way to increasing your open rates and getting more people interested in what you have to say. So, what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming some great subject lines today! If you have any other great tips for writing medical email subject lines, please share them in the comments below. And if you found this blog helpful, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

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