101+ Best Retargeting Email Subject Lines Ideas & Examples

If you’re not familiar with retargeting email subject lines, it’s a form of online advertising that allows you to target ads to people who have already shown an interest in your product or service. For example, if someone visits your website but doesn’t make a purchase, you can retarget them with ads for your product in the hopes of converting them into a customer.

Retargeting can be incredibly effective – but only if you have a good subject line for your retargeting ads. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 101+ great retargeting subject lines that are sure to get your email noticed (and clicked)!

Best Retargeting Email Lines Example

Retargeting Subject Lines Ideas

  • “We Miss You!”
  • “It’s been a while since we’ve seen you!”
  • “Time for an update!”
  • “You’re missing out!”
  • “What you missed while you were away”
  • “We’ve been thinking about you”
  • “We have something special for you”
  • “Thought you might like this”
  • “You’re invited!”
  • “Welcome back!”
  • “Glad to have you back!”
  • “We’ve been missing you!”
  • “Come see what’s new!”
  • “Check out our latest update”
  • “We’ve got something for you!”
  • “@username, we’re thinking of you”
  • “#hashtag, welcome back!”
  • “[company name] loves its customers!”
  • “[company name] is happy to serve you!”
  • “[company name] thanks its customers!”

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Best Retargeting Email Lines Example

  • “We missed you!”
  • “It’s been a while since we heard from you…”
  • “Glad to have you back!”
  • “We’ve missed you!”
  • “Welcome back!”
  • “Good to see you again!”
  • “It’s been a while, but we’re glad you’re back!”
  • “We’re sorry we haven’t heard from you in a while.”
  • “We’re happy to see you again!”
  • “Welcome back to our community!”
  • “We’re excited to have you as part of our community!”
  • “I’m glad you’re here!”
  • “I’m glad you’re back!”
  • “Thank you for being part of our community!”
  • “We appreciate your involvement in our community!”
  • “Thank you for contributing to our community!”
  • “Your input is valuable to us!”
  • “We value your feedback!”
  • “Your opinion matters to us!”
  • “Thank you for being a part of our community!”

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Retargeting Email Subject Lines Titles

  • You left something behind…
  • We noticed you didn’t complete your purchase…
  • You’re missing out!
  • Don’t forget about us!
  • We still have what you need
  • Come back and complete your purchase!
  • You won’t believe what we have in store for you
  • New arrivals just for you
  • Our sale is ending soon – don’t miss out!
  • Shop now and get X% off your order!
  • Hurry, before it’s too late!
  • stock is running low…
  • Only a few left in stock – order yours now!
  • Your perfect match is waiting for you…
  • Find what you’re looking for today…
  • We know you’ll love our new arrivals…
  • Something special just for you…
  • Get ahead of the trend with our latest styles…
  • You deserve the best – shop our luxury collection now…
  • The wait is finally over – our new collection is here!

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Subject Line Retargeting Email

  • “We noticed you were interested in X”
  • “Did you forget something?”
  • “We have what you’re looking for”
  • “We’ve got what you need”
  • “Still thinking about X?”
  • “It’s time to take action on X”
  • “Don’t miss out on X”
  • “Don’t wait any longer for X”
  • “Get X before it’s gone!”
  • “X is going fast – don’t miss your chance!”
  • “X is selling out fast!”
  • “orders for X left!”
  • “Hurry! Only __ left in stock!”
  • “We’re almost sold out of X!”
  • “Get X while it’s still available!”
  • “Order now and get FREE shipping on X!”
  • “Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get X!”
  • “[ urgency ]”
  • “[ scarcity ]”
  • “[ special offer ]”
  • “[ limited time offer ]”
  • “[ time-sensitive ]”

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What are the Benefits of Using Retargeting Email Subject Lines?

Retargeting is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to online businesses. By tracking the web-browsing activities of users who have already shown an interest in your products or services, you can provide them with targeted advertisements that are more likely to result in a sale.

And, by using retargeting email subject lines, you can take your retargeting efforts one step further. By including a special offer or discount code in the subject line of your email, you can encourage recipients to come back to your site and make a purchase.

In addition, by personalizing the subject line of your email, you can show recipients that you understand their specific needs and interests. As a result, retargeting email subject lines can be an extremely effective way to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.


Just like any other email marketing campaign, before you launch your retargeting emails, it is important to have a clear plan and subject line and purpose for why you are sending out these messages. Once you know what goal you’re trying to achieve with your retargeting emails, the rest will fall into place–including choosing the perfect subject line that encourages opens, click-throughs, and conversions. Did this blog help you determine what kind of retargeting email campaigns you want to run? What was your favorite subject line idea from the list?

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