107+ Catchy Email Subject Lines Samples

Did you know that the average person receives 121 emails per day? With so much competition for attention in our inboxes, it’s more important than ever to make sure your email stands out from the rest. One of the best ways to do this is to use a catchy email subject lines. A great subject line can pique someone’s interest, encourage them to open your email, and even improve your deliverability. But what makes a subject line truly catchy?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the elements that can make your subject lines stand out from the crowd. First, consider using emojis in your subject lines. Next, try using power words in your subject lines. Finally, consider using curiosity in your email subject lines. Try posing a question or making a bold statement – anything that will make people want to know more. By following these tips, you can create catchy email subject lines that will help improve your open rates and get more people interested in what you have to say.

catchy subject lines

catchy subject lines

  • “You Won’t Believe What This Cat Did”
  • “The Secret to Making a Perfect Cup of Coffee”
  • “How to Get Rid of Your Most Annoying Habits”
  • “The Surprising Health Benefits of Sleeping with a Hedgehog”
  • “Why You Should Never Drink Sodas Again”
  • “Do You Make These Common Grammatical Errors?”
  • “The One Thing You Need to Know about Choosing the Perfect Halloween Costume”
  • “How to Make Friends in a New City”
  • “Are You Eating Enough Cheese?”
  • “17 Quotes that Will Make You Smile”
  • “This is the Year You Finally _
  • “In case you missed it: The 10 most popular articles from our site this year”
  • “It’s National (Insert Holiday/Event Here)! Here’s what we’re doing to celebrate”
  • “Introducing the brand new (insert product name here)”
  • “Time for a spring cleaning! How to declutter your life and live happier”
  • “3 steps to creating goals that actually work for you”
  • “Do you know your credit score? Get a free credit report and find out now!”
  • “We’re hiring! Come work with us and change the world!”
  • “It’s Friday! Treat yourself to (insert special offer or sale here)”

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catchy email subject lines for sales

  • “Are you the [X] person at [company]?”
  • “I’m impressed by your work on [project].”
  • “[Mutual connection] suggested I reach out.”
  • “Can I buy you a coffee?”
  • “I have an idea for [company].”
  • “I’m the founder of [startup].”
  • “[Influencer] recommended I contact you.”
  • “[ Contest ]” (Great way to increase open rates) 9. “Quick question about [topic].”
  • “Looking for feedback on [project].”
  • “[Mention], it’s me…[Your name]”
  • [Your name]: The new way to do [x]”
  • “[Your name]’s guide to [x]”
  • “[Your name]’s mission is to end [[Generic Industry Name]]”
  • “How much time do you spend on [[Generic Task Name]] every day?”
  • “Introducing [[New Product or Service]]…”
  • “It’s time to rethink [[Industry Standard Practices]]”
  • “[Big news] about [[Your company or product]]”
  • “I wanted to share this with you…”
  • “[Open-ended question]”

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catchy subject lines for cold emails

  • “Are you the (insert job title) we’ve been looking for?”
  • “A better way to (do what your product does)”
  • “[Referral] Introducing (Your Name)”
  • “Can we schedule a 15-minute call?”
  • “Free coffee? Yes please!”
  • “(Your Name) from (Your Company)”
  • “Quick favor..”
  • “Re:[previous conversation]”
  • “Thought you might be interested in this…”
  • “Alert: Your industry is changing”
  • “{First name}, we have something in common”
  • “{First name}, do you have a minute?”
  • “Can I ask for your help with something?”
  • “Introducing: (Your Product)”
  • “{First name}, are you available for a quick chat?”
  • “It was great meeting you at (event).”
  • “Are you free for a call on (date and time)?”
  • “Thank you for (something they did).”
  • “I enjoyed reading your (recent blog post).” “. . . one more thing” )};)

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catchy subject lines for business emails

  • You’re invited: Join us for a special event!
  • Time-sensitive offer: Act now and get XX% off!
  • New product alert: XX is now available!
  • Introducing: Our latest and greatest XX!
  • Customer success story: See how XX helped XYZ achieve their goals
  • Case study: See how we helped XYZ overcome their challenges
  • Free webinar: Register now to learn about XYZ!
  • Exclusive discount: Get XX% off your next purchase!
  • Limited time offer: Don’t miss out on this deal!
  • We’re hiring! Come join our team!
  • Congrats! You’ve been selected to receive a complimentary XYZ product!
  • From the blog: Check out our latest post on XYZ!
  • Industry news: Here’s what’s happening in XYZ industry this week…
  • Insights from our team: What we’re thinking about XYZ lately…
  • Just for fun: A light-hearted video/article/etc. to enjoy! 🙂
  • Alumni update: Catch up with what ABC grads are doing now…
  • Parent resources: Tips and tricks for raising happy, healthy kids…
  • Student Spotlight: Meet one of our outstanding students, ABC…
  • Teacher feature: Get to know one of our amazing teachers, ABC…
  • Positivity challenge: A little something to brighten your day 🙂

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catchy email subject lines examples

  • Last Chance! Only 2 Seats Left for the [Event Name] Workshop
  • 3 Tips to [Solve a Problem Relevant to Your Target Audience]
  • You’re Invited: [Event Name]
  • [Exclusive Announcement] Here’s the First Look at Our New Product
  • Time-Sensitive Offer – [24 Hours Only!]
  • Just Released! [New Industry Report]
  • Are You Ready? The [Quarterly Sales Event] Starts Today
  • [Template] How to Write Catchy emails That Get Opened, Read, and Clicked
  • [Target Audience] Survey Results Are In!
  • “I was skeptical, but then I saw results!” – What Our Customers are Saying About Us
  • [Actionable Advice] The 5 Types of Emails That Get Opened Every Time (Templates Included)
  • [Template + Case Study] How We Grew Our Email List by 1,000 Subscribers in 30 Days
  • The Secret to Email Marketing Success? We Asked 100 Experts (Here’s What They Said)
  • Webinar Wednesday’ – This week’s topic: [Topic of Webinar]’
  • [Flash Sale!] Get 50% Off All Products Until Midnight Tonight
  • [Customer Showcase] See How Others Are Using Our Product/Service
  • ‘Coffee Break’ – 3 Quick Tips For Better Email Marketing
  • Big news! We’re moving to a new office next week…
  • ‘Tuesday Tip’ – How to double your open rate with one simple change
  • Can we meet? I’d love to hear more about your goals and see how we can help

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What are the benefits of using catchy email subject lines?

email users will likely to open an email if it has an interesting subject line. This is because most people are inundated with emails and only have time to open the ones that look like they will be worth their while. catches the recipient’s attention and entices them to find out more. In addition, a well-crafted subject line can pique the recipient’s curiosity and prompt them to open the email even if they weren’t originally planning on it. As a result, using catchy email subject lines is an effective way to improve the chances that your message will be read.


Your email subject line is one of the first things your subscribers will see in their inbox. Make sure it’s something that catches their attention and makes them want to open your email. A great subject line can be the difference between a successful email campaign and one that falls flat. The next time you’re crafting an email subject line, consider using one of these techniques to make it more engaging and likely to be opened. And if you need help coming up with catchy email subject lines for your business, our team always happy to brainstorm some ideas with you. What are some of your favorite email subject lines? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and I hope you found this blog helpful!

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