Safety slogans: 177+ Catchy Safety Slogans Taglines And Ideas

Are you looking for catchy safety slogans, catchphrase ideas or taglines? Whether you are just starting up your new business and need some inspiration, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur who is looking to refresh their brand messaging. We have 177+ Catchy Safety Slogans Taglines And Ideas for You! Ready to get going? Let’s do this.

How many times have you heard someone say, “safety first!”? Well, this post is all about safety. Safety slogans are catchy phrases that encourage safe behavior. They can be used in a variety of ways including on the side of a truck or as part of an advertisement to teach children how to be safe.

Slogans You Like For Your Business

  • Your safety slogans should highlight the importance of health
  • Write safety slogan in impressive and trendy style
  • Use entertaining, funny, and well-humored safety slogans

Road safety slogans and posters

Road crashes are a major public health problem in many countries. They result in increased medical costs, reduce labor productivity and cause emotional distress to the families of victims.

  • It takes a second to save a life (Australia)
  • Be alert for cars, be alert for children (New Zealand)
  • Share The Road (Estonia)
  • Save Lives, Never Drink And Drive (Pakistan)
  • Make the first impression last forever (Sweden)
  • Think , drink drive never ever (Ireland)
  • Keep your mind on the road, its real people you meet there
  • Respect yourself, Protect Yourself( Singapore )
  • Prevention is better than cure (India)
  • Car pool with the cute and cuddly (Japan)
  • Don’ let others MAKE you mad, Make right choice between drink and drive
  • Life is for living, don’t die before its your turn (New Zealand)
  • I love my life it’s precious don’t risk it on the road(Ireland)
  • It takes a second to save a life (Australia)
  • Love Your Life Everyday! Don’t Drink and Drive!(Ireland )
  •   Be Respectful On The Road We all have equal rights on the road.
  • Life is a journey, your life will be really beautiful if you don’t drink and drive.
  • Keep yourself alive to keep your family alive.(Pakistan )
  • Don’t let one fast minute destroy slow years!(United Kingdom )
  • Be alert for cars, be alert for children (New Zealand)

The number of fatalities would be even higher if it were not for several key interventions. These include the provision of safer roads and vehicles, improved vehicle safety features (such as air bags), legislation on key risk factors such as speed and drink driving, enforcement of legislation by police patrols;

The campaigns to change attitudes towards speeding, drink driving, using motorcycle helmets and seat belts; improvements in post-crash care; improvement in trauma systems for emergency medical care; and many others.

Best Safety Slogan And Sayings

 You must write amazing slogans that tell your reader about the infinite and countless blessings and benefits of health. So, It is an outcome of healthy people that we are having such beautifully unique and marvelous inventions, facilities, explorations, and innovations in the field of sports, health, infrastructure, constructions, and social Media related inventions.

  • Stay on the Job — Be Safe!
  • Safety Is No Accident
  • If It’s Not Safe, Don’t Do It
  • Do It Right – Be Safe
  • Drive Carefully, Accidents Cause People
  • Home Safety Isn’t Just For Housewives
  • Safety at Work Begins with You!
  • Safety is a Bargain: Pay a Little and Get a Lot
  • No Pain, No Gain — Without Safety Protection.
  • You Can Quote Us On Safety.
  • Don’t Be A Statistic–Be Safe/Have Fun!
  • Safety: it’s not the mark you make, it’s the mark you leave.
  • Safety first and everything else will follow!
  • Stay Alive-Don’t Decorate Death
  • Wear Your Seat Belt: It’s the Law
  • Safety first and everything else will follow!
  • Take a moment to be safe, then go back to work.
  • Bringing home the bacon – without bringing down the family.
  • She flies with her own wings or dies trying.
  • Do it right — save a life!
  • Be careful…It’s not your job to take chances on mine!

So, It is no other than healthy people who ensured such great appliances, tools, and instruments that have made this world a pleasant and loving place for the present as well as for the coming generations.Therefore,  It would be right to say that health gives birth to creativity and creativity gives birth to hope and hope, eventually, gives a practical shape to all your dreams. 

Health is the greatest and the rarest blessings of God.  And safety is the guardian of this gift.

Best Industrial Safety Slogans

Industrial safety slogans should be written with innovative, updated, and modern styles. So, The world is going fast and it public pays attention to only those things which have relevance with the spirits of time.

  • Safety is not a slogan. It’s a way of life.”
  • The price for safety is cheap.”
  • Sending an employee home safely makes it all worthwhile.”
  • Safety is no accident! Follow good safety procedures!”
  • A safe place to work starts with you.”
  • If it wasn’t for everyone being on their toes, we’d be walking on them!”
  • Safety is a state of mind.”
  • Enjoy your job, but keep one eye on it!”
  • Safest way to double your money: fold it over and put it back in your pocket.”
  • It’s hard to soar with eagles when you’re surrounded by turkeys.”
  • The most dangerous thing in the plant is that machine that thinks it’s safe!”
  • “I’m proud I wear my safety glasses.
  • If you think safety’s expensive, try an accident”
  • Take it easy – Look around you”
  • Safety first, but no more than any other man.”
  • Reach high! Reach wide! Then reach some more!”
  • I bet you can’t say that ten times fast!”
  • Safety is always on the job”
  • There’s no place like home. Like your family, love your work.”
  • Good! Safe! Fun! Working together makes it all possible!”
  • I’m proud to be part of an accident-free workplace!”

Therefore, Your safety slogans should be based on research, investigations, and updated and innovative ways to attract people. So, You can win a very large number of audiences within the shortest period. It is human nature that it consistently keeps on changing itself with the changing dynamics and spirits of time.

Safety slogans funny

Safety slogans funny are likely to have more and more impacts on the thoughts, inclinations, ambitions, and preferences of your audiences.

  • Violence is a last resort after all other options have been exhausted.
  • This machine vibrates at twice the speed of light
  • please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times!
  • I’m not being sarcastic! I just really want you to stay alive.
  • Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times.
  • This is not an exit
  • Smile! It doesn’t cost anything; well perhaps a little but it’s worth it
  • Don’t worry about me I always look this way ! (You only see my backside) 🙂 😉
  • Put yourself in my place…if you can find one!
  • Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
  • Before we start – do you have any questions?
  • Doing nothing is very hard work – so I’m going to nap instead.
  •   If you can’t read, it doesn’t count.
  • A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. (Audrey Hepburn)
  • I love cats…they taste just like chicken!
  • Don’t drink water – fish fuck in it!
  • If you didn’t put it on the bill, don’t eat it!
  •   You must be a broom because I swept you off my mind.
  • To err is human-to blame someone else even more so!

So, Slogans about first aid and techniques relevant to it are important to share with So, your readers on a priority basis to respond to any emergency. Safety sayings are the best safety slogans. Therefore, The safety motto should be carefully crafted and shared. In the like manner safety slogan that rhymes should be lovingly communicated with readers.


What are your favorite safety slogans, taglines or catchphrases? Comment below to let us know! We’ve compiled 177+ catchy safety slogans that will help you get the word out about your organization. Share them with everyone in your network and make sure they see these clever marketing messages for their own workplace safety needs.

These safe work slogan ideas can be used on posters, flyers, social media posts – anywhere people might need a little reminder of what it takes to keep themselves and others protected at work. Which one is your favorite so far?

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