Golf slogans: 111+ Catchy Golf Slogans And Taglines Ideas

If you’re looking for catchy Golf slogans and taglines ideas, this post is for you. You’ll find some of the best ideas here on how to make your business stand out in the crowded golfing industry. This article will also show you some examples of what other businesses are doing right with their own slogans and taglines.

Whether it’s a new company or an established brand, having a memorable slogan can help generate more sales. In order to see which brands have been successful at creating catchy phrases that people remember. From these top companies, we found 4 unique approaches to building memorable slogans:

  • Be clever
  • Tell stories
  • Encourage action
  • Appeal to emotions

Slogans You Like For Your Business

  • Your gold slogans should be soft, smart, and short
  • Use funny, entertaining, and amusing words in your golf slogans
  • Use inspiring, impressive, and dynamic vocabulary to write golf slogans

If you are serious about your business, improving your design skills, or looking for some fun ideas to get the project team motivated, this is the post for you. Here I collected 111+ catchy golf slogans and taglines that will help you to find the perfect words for any occasion. The list includes funny one-liners to use in a company meeting or at an office party, motivational quotes that will inspire people to work hard, and even slogan examples for startups who want their message to be heard loud and clear.

golf taglines
golf taglines

New Golf Slogans & tagline Ideas for Advertising or Marketing

You’re a golfer. You love golfing, and you want to be the best in your league! But when it comes to writing slogans for your team, you can’t seem to come up with anything catchy. No worries, we got you covered! We’ve compiled over 111 of the most creative and catchy golf slogans that will help any golfer’s team stand out from the rest.

  • You Drive. We’ll Putt.
  • The New Sport of the Business World
  • Just Do It On the Green, Man
  • Get in the Game with ____ Golf! ____ is such a fun sport! ____ is so social and team oriented
  • You can play for hours without getting tired or sweaty. What makes us different from other sports? We have whiskey on ice at the 19th hole.
  • It’s Not Just a Game…It’s An Experience.
  • Try ____ Golf today and get ready to play like never before.
  • The only thing better than ____ is ____
  • I’m ____ Golf Swing away frustration!
  • Get your game on with ____ Golf today!
  • It’s time you try something new in the bedroom… golfing, of course!
  • Just For Fun We Stick Flags in Holes, You Should Too
  • Keep Calm and Play On (with our merchandise)
  • Now Hiring: Balls to Shoot Down and Clubs to Swing 
  • Don’t just go on the green… Own it with ____ Golf!
  • Now Hiring Caddies for our 18 Hole Courses (Club Bunnies also available)
  • BE SEEN by more than 100 people today!
  • Golf – It’s not just a game…it’s an experience!

These slogans are perfect for teams who want their slogan to reflect their personality or something they’re known for like “Caddies & Caddies Only” which is also our favorite slogan on this list.

Best short golf slogans

If you are looking for some new ideas to advertise your business or company, stay tuned. We have compiled a list of the newest golf slogans and taglines that will help you get noticed! These slogans are perfect for advertising or marketing. They’re fresh, creative, and best of all – catchy!

  • Now Hiring: Balls to Shoot Down and Clubs to Swing
  • Got Balls? We’ve Got Clubs!
  • Let’s Tee it up!
  • It’s Not Just A Game, It’s An Experience
  • Golf: The new sport of the business world
  • You can play all day without getting tired or sweaty – what makes us different from other sports? We have whiskey!
  • New golf slogans & tagline ideas for advertising or marketing 
  • Let’s Tee It Up! We’ll Putt it in for You!
  • Play Some Golf – It Just Might Improve Your Business Skills
  • Raise Your IQ, Lower Your Score (with our gear)
  • On the green is where you want to be. I’m your caddy.
  • Can you play golf with one eye closed? We’ll find out today!
  • You can’t fake this game, but it can improve your business skills!
  • Lower Your Score, Raise Your IQ (with our gear)
  • Let’s Get Golf-ted
  • The New Sport of the Business World
  • It’s time you try something new in the bedroom… golfing, of course!

Golf players need slogans and taglines to advertise the game they love! This blog post will give you a list of new golf slogans or taglines that you can use. It is important to choose wisely since these slogans will be your advertisement for this game!

golf slogans for business
golf slogans for business

Catchy Funny Golf Slogans

We all know that golf can be a slow and boring game. A lot of people play just to kill time, but if you’re looking for some new ways to spice up your next round, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some catchy funny slogans that will have the whole course laughing with you.

It’s not just about the swing. It’s also about the ball. And if you’re looking for a new golf ball, check out these funny slogans!
Funny Golf Ball Slogans:

  • Grab some balls and go get dirty with your buddies
  • You can’t putt what you can’t find
  • I’m always on my game, even when it’s in my pants
  • I said FORE! But they missed…man that sucks!
  • Put me in coach, I’ll make all your drives fly past your competitors
  • Swing like there is no tomorrow or use this golf ball to ensure that there won’t be one
  • For All Your Putting Needs… We Putt ‘Em In.
  • Don’t Just Go On The Green, Own It With ____ Golf!
  • Keep Calm and Play On (with our merchandise)
  • Come Play Some Golf – It Might Improve Your Business Skills!
  • We Accept All Kinds.. Even the Weird Kind!
  • Drive for show putt for dough,
  • Now Hiring: Balls to Shoot Down and Clubs to Swing
  • Just Do It On the Green, Man
  • Now Hiring Caddies for our 18 Hole Courses (Club Bunnies also available)
  • We Accept All Kinds.. Even the Weird Kind!
  • Here to Putt Some Fun in your Business Day!
  • You Can Play For Hours without getting tired or sweaty – what makes us different from other sports? We have whiskey!

When you’re out on the course, there are plenty of opportunities for laughter and good times! Here are some fun slogans that we’ve come up with

Golf ball slogans & Taglines

Golf ball slogans and taglines are a great way to communicate the quality of your product. The right slogan can create an instant connection with customers and help them identify what makes your golf ball unique in the marketplace

  • “Simply the Best”
  • “Feel a Rainbow”
  • “I’m Good”
  • “In it to Win it.”
  • “If you falter, we’ve got your back.”
  • “Where’s my golf ball?”
  • “Hit it & win it”
  • “Live life off the fairway.”
  • “Play Your Game”
  • “Ain’t Nothin Butta than gooey cake.”
  • “Catch Me if you Can”
  • “I like long walks on the green…”
  • “Are you out of golf balls?”
  • “The Rolls Royce of Golf Balls”
  • Mmmm, Smell that Putt!”
  • “My game is strong today “
  • “Tailored to your game”
  • Come Play Some Golf and Get Ready to Play Like Never Before.  
  • Just For Fun We Stick Flags in Holes, You Should Too
  • Trust Me, I Play Putt-Putt for a Living!
  • New golf slogans & tagline ideas for advertising or marketing
  • Here to Tee Up Some Great Business Deals!
  • “is that a stump?”
  • “Hit it, Split it, Whatever”
  • “A little slice never hurt anyone.”
  • “The ball with the most power!”
  • “Success is not an accident”
  • You can’t spend all day looking for lost balls!
  • Wherever you go, play golf!
  • The best are easy to find…
  • When up to par on every level…
  • it’s harder than ever before…
  • to stay out of trouble on the course
  • If I wanted anything in life more than this..
  • It would be my last tee time..

Whether you’re trying to differentiate yourself in a crowded market or just want something catchy for your website, we’ve got you covered with this list of some of our favorite golf balls slogans and taglines out there today.

Best Golf Slogans For Business

If you’re a business man, you know how important it is to keep your mind sharp. Finding ways to relax and de-stress is key for success in any field and golf can be a great way to do this! Check out these best golf slogans for the office:

  • Golf is good because it’s never too late or early to play.
  • You don’t have time not to play golf.
  • If I hit it where I want, then that’s as good as gold!
  • Play ball!!
  • It’s always sunny on the fairway.
  • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
  • Where there are no woods, find trees!
  • Here For The Game, Not the Par
  • We Putt Your Business Ahead – Golf Tee Times Listed On Our Digital Scorecard
  • Practice Putting In Front Of Actual Customers!
  • Get on the Green at our Professionally Designed Miniature Courses!
  • Golf Isn’t Just A Game… It’s Your Business’ Best Strategy!
  • Represent Your Brand with Quality Logo Products & Apparel
  • You’ve Earned It – Play More With A Season Pass To Experience Endless Fun All Year Long
  • Plan Your Outing Today;
  • Dedicated To Providing A Superior Game And Customer Experience
  • The Perfect Blend Of Professionalism, Service, And Fun Is Waiting For You
  • Golf isn’t just a game… it’s your business’ best strategy!
  • Represent your brand with quality logo products & apparel- “Your logo on our clothes helps grow awareness of all that you do.”
  • You’ve earned it – play more with a season pass to experience endless fun all year long!
  • Plan your outing today; – “We offer the best tee times and deals, book it ahead of time and save!”
  • Practice putting in front of actual customers!
  • Golf isn’t just a game… It’s you


Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words when looking to promote your golf business? Would it be helpful if we gave you 111+ catchy slogans and taglines that will help make marketing more fun and engaging? We did the research so all of these clever, creative lines are available right here. What do you think about our list of catchphrases; what slogan or phrase is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

catchy golf slogans
catchy golf slogans

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