107+ Unique Rugby Slogans Suggestions & Taglines

Do you love rugby? Do you have a favorite team? Have a favorite player? If so, then you know that there is nothing quite like some good old fashioned rugby. But what do you do when the game is over and it’s time to go home? Well, if you’re looking for something to keep the spirit of rugby alive, then why not try using one of these awesome rugby slogans? Whether you’re looking for something to put on your t-shirt or just want some inspiration for your next chat with your buddies about the game, these slogans will help keep the passion alive. So get ready to check out some of the best slogans out there and start showing your support for rugby!

Munster Rugby Slogan

How to Create Rugby Slogans?

  • Keep it short and sweet- A slogan should be easy to remember and short enough that it can be chanted by a crowd. This will help players and fans alike to get behind your team.
  • Use rhyme or alliteration- This will again make your slogan more chantable and easier to remember. It will also make it more fun to say!
  • Be creative- There are a lot of rugby slogans out there so you want yours to stand out from the crowd. Be creative and come up with something unique that represents your team.
  • Use puns- Puns are a great way to add some humor to your slogan while still getting your point across. Just be careful not to overdo it!
  • Make sure it’s appropriate- Your slogan should be something that everyone can get behind, so make sure it’s appropriate for all ages. Avoid anything that could be considered offensive or insensitive.

Funny Rugby Slogans

  • Rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.
  • If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the scrum.
  • Give blood, play rugby.
  • I’m not fat, I’m just a little bit rounder than the average person.
  • I’m not short, I’m fun size.
  • If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a rugby player.
  • I may not be the best, but I’m definitely not like the rest.
  • All he ever wanted to do was play rugby and have fun.
  • And on the eighth day, God created rugby league so that man could have fun too!
  • Are you afraid of slipping? Because that’s how you end up playing rugby!
  • As long as we play together, we’ll win together!
  • Be fierce on the field and respectful off it!
  • before you judge me try hard to love me- Michael O’Connor
  • Eat sleep train repeat
  • go big or go home- Adi Gilchrist
  • it’s not how big you are it’s how big you play- Jonah Lomu
  • keep calm and scrum on- Eddie Jones
  • life is simple eat sleep train repeat- Richie McCaw
  • If your’re going through hell…keep going- Winson Churchill
  • make them remember your name- Ryan Crotty

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Rugby Taglines

  • “Rugby: It’s not for everyone.”
  • “Rugby: Where the tough get going.”
  • “Rugby: Not for the faint of heart.”
  • “Rugby: You have to be tough to play.”
  • “Rugby: Only the strong survive.”
  • “Rugby: It takes a special person to play.”
  • “Rugby: You have to be dedicated to play.”
  • “Rugby: It’s a tough game.”
  • “Rugby: You have to be mentally and physically tough to play.”
  • “Rugby is a sport for the brave.”
  • “To play rugby, you have to be a little bit crazy.”
  • “Rugby is a dangerous sport.”
  • “You have to be tough to play rugby.”
  • “You have to be physically and mentally strong to play rugby.”
  • rugby is a sport that requires great strength and endurance.
  • Rugby is a game for those who are not afraid of physical contact.
  • In order to succeed in rugby, you must be willing to put your body on the line.
  • To play rugby well, you must have determination and grit.
  • If you want to win at rugby, you have to give it everything you’ve got.
  • Rugby is a sport that rewards strength, courage, and commitment.

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Rugby Slogans Ideas

  • Rugby is a game for everyone.
  • Rugby is a sport for all shapes and sizes.
  • Rugby is a game of passion and commitment.
  • Rugby is a game of courage and determination.
  • Rugby is a game of respect and sportsmanship.
  • rugby Is a game for the strong and the brave.
  • Rugby is a sport that builds character.
  • rugby Is a sport that teaches teamwork and cooperation.
  • Rugby is a sport that requires discipline and dedication.
  • Rugby is a demanding and challenging sport.
  • Rugby is an exciting and exhilarating sport.
  • Rugby is a fast-paced and action-packed sport.
  • Rugby is a physically demanding sport.
  • Rugby is a mentally challenging sport as well
  • Playing rugby is an unforgettable experience.

Slogans For Rugby

  • Rugby: For those who like it rough.
  • Rugby: It’s a man’s game.
  • Rugby: It’s not for the faint-hearted.
  • Rugby: Only the strong survive.
  • Rugby: There’s no substitute for strength.
  • Rugby: Bodies will be bruised, bones will be broken.
  • Rugby: It’s a battle on the field.
  • Rugby: No one said it would be easy.
  • Rugby: You have to be tough to play rugby.
  • Rugby: The toughest sport in the world.
  • Rugby is a war on the field
  • “15 men against 14, what could be more fair?”
  • “A game of two halves”
  • “A good reason why you should never publish team lists”
  • “An occasion when you don’t want to be anywhere else but where you are” –
  • “At the end of the day…”
  • “Boys playing like men” .”Cauliflower ears are a great conversation starter”
  • “Clean as a whistle” on why he loves rugby
  • “Don’t fight on the ground…that’s for wimps!”

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What Is the Importance of Rugby Slogans?

Any successful team will have a strong and recognizable brand. This is especially important in Rugby, where teams are often identified by their colors, logos, and mascots. But arguably the most important part of a team’s brand is its slogan. A catchy and memorable slogan can help to capture the essence of a team and rally supporters behind a common goal. It can also be a useful tool for marketing and promoting the team to a wider audience. In short, a good Rugby slogan can be invaluable in helping to build a successful team.

Some of the most iconic Rugby slogans include “Go Hard or Go Home” ( NSW Waratahs), “Stand Up If You’re With Us” (Leinster Rugby), and ” winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win” (Canterbury Crusaders). So if you’re looking to make your mark in the world of Rugby, make sure you choose a slogan that will make people sit up and take notice.


We hope you found this blog helpful in coming up with rugby slogans ideas for your own team. Slogans are a key part of any team’s identity. They can also be a great way to motivate players and fans alike. Remember, the best slogans are short, memorable, and make use of puns or rhymes. If you need help coming up with other marketing materials for your team, we’re always here to help. Contact us today to get started!

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