115+ Creative Fitness Email Subject Lines Ideas & Examples

Are you looking for some new ideas to jazz up your fitness email marketing? You’re in luck! We’ve put together over 115+creative fitness email subject lines ideas that will engage your subscribers and get them excited about your next campaign. Plus, we’ve included examples so you can see how these subject lines can be used in a real-world setting. Let’s get started!

best fitness email subject lines

Fitness Subject Lines

  • Get in shape for summer with our tips!
  • Shed those extra pounds before swimsuit season.
  • Get toned arms and a flat stomach for the beach.
  • Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to a bikini body!
  • Give yourself a summer glow with our workout routine.
  • Bikini season is coming – start shedding pounds now!
  • The perfect beach body is only a workout away!
  • Don’t let your fitness goals slip – stay on track with us!
  • Create a customized workout routine just for you.
  • From flabby to fab – our guide will get you there!
  • Getting in shape doesn’t have to be boring – have fun while working out!
  • Don’t know where to start? We can help you find the right workout routine.
  • Not seeing results?Our experts will help you tweak your routine.
  • Feeling unmotivated? Check out our before-and-after photos for inspiration!
  • Wondering if you’re doing the right exercises?
  • On a budget? Save money and get in shape with our free workout videos.
  • Short on time?Learn how to make the most of your workouts .
  • Traveling soon? Stay fit while on the road with our tips and tricks .
  • Need an extra push? Our motivational articles will give you the boost you need

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Best Fitness Email Subject Lines

  • “Get Your Sexy Back Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!”
  • “Slim Down for Spring with Our 2-Week Detox Plan”
  • “Get Bikini Ready with Our 8-Week Workout Plan”
  • “‘Tis the Season to Get Fit: A Holiday Fitness Guide”
  • “Transform Your Body with Our 12-Week Fitnesse Challenge”
  • “‘I Quit’ -Your Gym Membership, That Is! Get Fit at Home with Us”
  • “Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions with a Free 7-Day Trial!”
  • “Ditch the Gym & Get Fit in the Great Outdoors”
  • “‘I Tried It & Loved It!’ –Testimonials from Our Happiest Members”
  • “‘I Can’t Even Believe I’m Wearing This!’-Before & After Success Stories”
  • “New Workouts Every Week Keep Things Exciting & You Coming Back For More!”
  • ‘Everything You Need to Know About Pilates/Yoga/Zumba/etc.”
  • “I Thought I Hated Working Out Until I Found _ (Insert Class Type Here)”
  • “Fitness Financial Makeover: How One Woman Cut Her Spending and Still Got In Shape”
  • “It’s Not Just About Losing Weight: 5 Unexpected Benefits of Regular Exercise”
  • “How to Sneak In a Workout When You’re Super Busy”
  • “The Best At-Home Workouts for When You Can’t Make It to the Gym”
  • “I Tried a Virtual Reality Workout and Here’s What Happened”
  • “Yes, You Can Get In Shape While Pregnant! Here’s How…”

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Fitness Subject Lines Ideas

  • Get in shape with our fitness program!
  • Get fit and have fun with our group fitness classes!
  • Get tone and lose weight with our personal trainers!
  • Stay fit and healthy with our fitness club membership!
  • Achieving your fitness goals is easy with our help!
  • Get the body you’ve always wanted with our help!
  • Looking for a way to get in shape? Look no further!
  • Get motivate to reach your fitness goals with us!
  • Are you ready to get fit? We are!
  • Transform your body with our amazing fitness program!
  • Experience the benefits of being fit with us!
  • Discover the joy of being active and fit with us!
  • Looking for a workout that’s fun AND effective? Look no further!
  • Ready to reach your fitness goals? We’ll help you get there!
  • Get results you love with our customized fitness plans!
  • Not sure how to started on your fitness journey? We can help!
  • Achieve the impossible with our proven fitness methods!
  • Ready to take your fitness to the next level? We can help you get there!
  • Wondering how to make time for a workout? We’ll show you how!
  • Need some extra motivation to Reach Your Fitness Goals? We can give you the push you need!”

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Fitness Subject Lines Titles

  • Get in shape for summer!
  • Get toned without a gym!
  • Lose weight fast with our new diet plan!
  • Summer bodies are made in the winter!
  • Get beach-ready with our workout tips!
  • Drop a dress size in 2 weeks!
  • New fitness trend: pilates!
  • Yoga for beginners: 4 easy poses to start with
  • How to stay motivated to work out
  • The best way to burn fat
  • How to get 6-pack abs
  • “I lost 50 pounds in 3 months!”
  • “I ran my first marathon this year!”
  • “I finally did a pull-up!”
  • “I can do a headstand now!”
  • “I quit smoking and started working out!”
  • “I overcame my eating disorder by working out!”
  • “My kids are now more active because of me!”
  • “Working out has helped me deal with my depression!”
  • “My life has changed completely since I started working out!”

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What are the benefits of using Fitness Email Subject Lines?

Fitness Email Subject Lines is a great tool to help keep your readers engaged. By providing a subject line that is specific to the content of your email, you are more likely to have your readers open and read your email. This can be especially beneficial if you are sending out a fitness or health related email. By providing a subject line that is pertinent to the content of your email, you are more likely to have your readers engage with the information that you are sharing. In addition, by using Fitness Email Subject Lines. You can ensure that your emails are delivered to the appropriate recipients. This can be important if you are sending out a sensitive or time-sensitive email. By using Fitness Email Subject Lines. You can be sure that your message will be properly deliver will reach the intended audience.


I hope you found this blog helpful in coming up with your own Fitness Email Subject Lines .Coming up with fitness email subject lines doesn’t have to be tough. With a little creativity, you can write headlines that will engage your readers and get them excited about opening your email. Thanks for reading and . If you have any questions or would like help coming up with fitness email subject lines, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always happy to help!

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