117+ Best Captivating Email Subject Lines Examples To Stand Out

You’ve probably heard that you should never judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to email, the subject line is the cover. And unfortunately, people do judge emails by their subject lines. In fact, 47% of email recipients say they open an email based on the subject line alone. So, if your subject line doesn’t spark interest, you can kiss your open rate goodbye. The good news is, writing a great subject line is easier than you might think. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of 117+ catchy captivating email subject lines.

captivating subject lines

Captivating Subject Lines

  • “I can’t believe you did that!”
  • “You won’t believe what happened next…”
  • “I never thought I’d see the day…”
  • “prove them wrong.”
  • “it’s your turn.”
  • “this could be you!”
  • “Don’t miss your chance for !”
  • “You don’t want to miss out on !”
  • “But there’s a catch…”
  • “This is your last chance!”
  • “…and that’s not all!”
  • “…or is it?”
  • “The choice is yours!”
  • “but you have to act fast!”
  • “are going fast!”
  • “One left!”
  • “days left until !”
  • “hours left to get !”
  • “Almost gone: Zone”
  • “(Time Sensitive) Final call for: Now or never!

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Captivating Email Subject Lines Ideas

  • “You won’t believe what happened next!”
  • “A special offer just for you!”
  • “Couldn’t wait to share this with you!”
  • “FYI: This is huge!”
  • “[Name], I need your help!”
  • “[Name], can I pick your brain?”
  • “Thank you, [Name]!”
  • “Welcome, [Name]!”
  • “Introducing: [Product/Service]”
  • “[Product/Service] is now available!”
  • “[Event] is just around the corner!”
  • “It’s time to register for [Event]”
  • “Last chance to buy tickets for [Event]”
  • “[Product/Service] sale ends today!”
  • “[Product/Service] back in stock!”
  • “Alert: [Urgent news]”
  • “Warning: [Important information]”
  • “[Reminder] Don’t forget about…”
  • “[Item] has shipped!”
  • “[Deadline] approaching fast!”

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Captivating Email Titles

  • “You Won’t Believe What Happened Next”
  • “I Didn’t Expect This To Happen”
  • “I Just Had To Share This With You”
  • “This Made My Day”
  • “This Will Brighten Your Day”
  • “A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words”
  • “You Gotta See This!”
  • “This Video Will Make You Laugh Out Loud”
  • “OMG, You Have To See This!”
  • “Crazy But True Story”
  • “This Is The Best Thing I’ve Seen All Day”
  • “I’m So Excited About This!”
  • “This Will Change The Way You Think About _
  • “If You’re Having A Bad Day, Watch This”
  • “This Is The Most Inspirational Thing I’ve Ever Seen”
  • “Watch This And Tell Me What You Think”
  • “What Do You Think About This?”
  • “Have You Seen This Yet?”
  • “This Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity”
  • “Spread Some Joy With This Email!”

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Catchy Captivating Email Subject Lines

  • “Time-sensitive offer inside”
  • “You won’t believe what happened next”
  • “Introducing our newest product”
  • “Customer survey results are in”
  • “Congratulations, you’re a winner!”
  • “Back by popular demand”
  • “Early bird special”
  • “Invitation to our VIP event”
  • “‘Thank you’ goes a long way”
  • “‘Because you’re worth it'”
  • ‘”I’m sorry for the inconvenience'”
  • “‘You’re invited!'”
  • “‘Welcome!'”
  • “Flash sale!”
  • “Last chance!”
  • “New year, new deals!”
  • “It’s Tax Day- get some relief with these offers!”
  • “We’re giving away ( insert prize here) ! Enter now!”
  • “Halloween Specials- spooky good deals inside!”

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What are the benefits of using Captivating Email Subject Lines?

Have you ever noticed how some email subject lines just make you want to open the email right away? They are called “captivating.” A captivating email subject line is one that compels the reader to open the email and read it. The benefits of using captivating email subject lines are many. .

First, it can help to increase the open rate of your emails. This is important because if your emails are not being opened, then your recipients are not seeing your message. Second, captivating email subject lines can help to increase click-through rates. This means that more people are not only opening your email but also taking action on your call-to-action.

Finally, captivating email subject lines can help to build relationships with your subscribers. By creating a compelling reason for them to open your emails, you are showing that you value their time and attention. Ultimately, using captivating email subject lines is a great way to increase the effectiveness of you remail marketing campaigns.


I hope you found this blog helpful in coming up with your own Captivating Email Subject Line. You’ve now got a hefty list of things to keep in mind for your next email subject line. But don’t forget, even with the best tips, sometimes you won’t get it right on the first try. Keep testing different combinations until you find what works for you and your audience. And if you want more help crafting captivating email subject lines (or anything else related to your marketing efforts), reach out to us – we’d love to chat! Thanks for reading!

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