105+ Unique Price Increase Email Subject Line Ideas & Samples

You’ve just raised your prices. And you’re feeling good about it. Your business is worth more, you’re providing more value than ever, and you’re confident that your customers will understand. But there’s one thing standing between you and price increase success: the email subject line. Sure, the body of your email is important too. But if your subject line doesn’t convince your customers to open the email, they’ll never even get to the good stuff. So what makes a great price increase email subject line? We’ve gathered 105+ examples to give you some inspiration.

price increase email Titles

price increase email subject line Ideas

  • Price increase – don’t miss out!
  • Prices increasing – get your order in now!
  • New prices – still the same quality!
  • Prices on the rise – order now and save!
  • New prices effective immediately – order today!
  • Order now before prices go up!
  • Now is the time to order – prices rising soon!
  • Get your order in while you still can!
  • Hurry! Prices increasing soon!
  • Take advantage of our current prices – they won’t last!
  • Get your order in before the price increase!
  • Order today and save on your purchase!
  • Don’t wait, order now and avoid the price increase!
  • Order now to lock in current pricing!
  • Place your order before the price goes up!
  • Save money on your purchase – order today!
  • Purchase now and take advantage of our low prices!
  • Take advantage of our current pricing structure – it won’t last long
  • Now is the time to buy – prices are increasing soon
  • Order today to get the best price!”

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price increase email subject line Examples

  • “We’ve raised our prices – but only for the best customers”
  • “You’re special – that’s why we’ve raised our prices”
  • “Our prices just went up (but don’t worry, you’re locked in at the old rate)”
  • “Prices are rising – but you can lock in your current rates now”
  • “It’s time to re-evaluate your subscription”
  • “We’ve made some changes to our pricing structure”
  • “A quick heads up about an upcoming change in pricing”
  • “As of today, our prices have changed slightly…”
  • “An important update regarding your subscription rates”
  • “There’s been a change in our pricing policy…”
  • “[Major update] Here’s everything you need to know about our new pricing model”
  • “[Breaking news] We’ve just updated our pricing!”
  • “[Time-sensitive] Our new pricing goes into effect today!”
  • “[Customer-favorite] Get locked-in rates before our price increase!”
  • “[Deadline approaching] Don’t miss out on locked-in rates!”
  • “[just for you] You’re getting a price increase because you’re awesome!”
  • “[valuable customers only] Price increase coming soon – here’s how to avoid it!”

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Price Increase Email Titles

  • “Our prices are going up, but our quality is staying the same!”
  • “We’ve raised our prices, but our products are still the best on the market!”
  • “We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but our prices have increased.”
  • “We know you’ll be happy with our new prices!”
  • “Our products just got better with a price increase!”
  • “We’re proud to announce our new prices!”
  • “Our prices have increased, but so has our quality!”
  • “You won’t find a better deal anywhere else!”
  • “Our new prices are fair and competitive!”
  • “Get the best products at the best prices!”
  • “We’re committed to providing you with the best possible value!”
  • “You won’t find a better deal anywhere else!”
  • “Our prices may have increased, but our quality is still unbeatable!”
  • “We’re proud to offer you the best products at the best prices!”
  • “Thank you for your continued support as we raise our prices.”
  • “We appreciate your understanding as we raise our prices.”
  • “As always, we appreciate your business and value your feedback.
  • Thank you for being a loyal customer as we raise our prices.”
  • Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our new prices.”
  • We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible service at the new price point.”

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Short Price Increase Email Subject Lines

  • Prices going up – act now!
  • Hurry – prices increasing soon!
  • Get it before the price goes up!
  • Price increase – order now to save!
  • Save money – order before the price increase!
  • New prices – take advantage today!
  • Take advantage of our new lower prices!
  • Prices too low to last – hurry!
  • Our prices can’t stay this low forever!
  • Incredible deals on top items – act fast!
  • “Don’t wait – only X left at this price!”
  • “This is your last chance to get X at this price!”
  • “X days until the prices go up!”
  • “Price increase in X days – order now!”
  • “New pricing starts tomorrow – order today!”
  • “Only X hours left at current pricing!” “Prices going up in X minutes – order now!”

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What are the benefits of using Price Increase Email Subject Line?

A price increase email subject line is a great way to announce an upcoming price increase to your customers. By including the new price in the subject line, you can ensure that customers are aware of the change before they open the email. This can help to avoid any confusion or frustration, and it can also encourage customers to take advantage of the new price before it goes into effect. In addition, a clear and concise subject line can help to ensure that your email stands out in a crowded inbox. With so many businesses competing for attention, it is essential to make sure that your emails are easy to spot and quick to read. A price increase email subject line can help you accomplish both of these goals.


I hope you found this blog helpful in coming up with your own Price increase subject line for your brand .Price increase email subject lines don’t have to be boring. With a little creativity, you can come up with something that will get your subscribers to open your email. Try one of these ideas provided in the blog the next time you need to send an important price increase notice Whatever you do, make sure your subject line is clear and concise so that your subscribers know exactly what they’re getting into when they open your email. Thanks for reading!

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