107+ Creative Theme Park Slogans & Tagline Ideas

Theme parks are a fun place to go for a day of family entertainment, but most people don’t give much thought to the slogans and taglines used in marketing these amusement destinations. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that many of these lines are clever and engaging. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best theme park slogans and taglines out there. We’ll also discuss what makes them so effective. So, put on your sunscreen and get ready for some fun!

Amusement Park Slogans

How to Create Theme Park Slogans?

  • Keep it Short- You want your slogan to be memorable, and that means keeping it short and sweet. A good rule of thumb is to keep it under eight words.
  • Make it Rhyme- A rhyming slogan is more likely to stick in somebody’s head, so consider making your park’s slogan a little rhyme.
  • Use Alliteration- Another way to make your park’s slogan more memorable is to use alliteration. This is where you use the same letter at the beginning of multiple words in a row. For example, “Safari Sam’s Spectacular Safari Park.”
  • Be Unique- With so many theme parks out there, you’ll want your park to stand out from the rest. So make sure your slogan is unique and reflects what makes your park special.
  • Use Punctuation- Punctuation can be used to add emphasis or break up a longer slogan into manageable chunks. For example, “If you’re looking for thrills, come to our park!” or “Our park: Where the fun begins!”

Amusement Park Slogans

  • A day at the park is a day well spent!
  • Make memories that last a lifetime
  • Thrills, chills, and spills!
  • We’re the happiest place on earth!
  • A magical place for kids of all ages
  • The sky’s the limit
  • Come fly with us!
  • Let your imagination run wild!
  • Discover the impossible
  • Believe in the unbelievable
  • challenge all limits
  • defying gravity
  • extreme adventure
  • feel the rush
  • heart-pounding fun
  • non-stop action
  • over-the-top excitement
  • vacation goals
  • wish you were here!
  • Check out our newest rides!

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Theme Park Taglines

  • “A world of fun!” – Six Flags
  • “Be sure to have a blast!” – Universal Studios
  • “Come one, come all!” – Disneyland
  • “An experience like no other!” – whales Tale Waterpark
  • “There’s never a dull moment!” – Hersheypark
  • “We guarantee thrills!” – Knoebels
  • “Feel the rush!” – Adventuredome
  • “You’ll be on cloud nine!” – Cloud 9 Living
  • “Soar to new heights!” – iFLY
  • “You’re in for a wild time!” – Safari Wilderness Ranch
  • “It’s all fun and games!” – Dave & Busters
  • “You’ll flip for us!” – Trampoline Parks
  • “Bounce into adventure!” – Get Air Trampoline Park
  • “A whole new world!”- Magic Kingdom
  • “The happiest place on earth!”- Disneyland
  • “unforgettable stories and characters”- Walt Disney World
  • “Seaworld’s Busch Gardens Adventure park”- Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • “What will you discover?”- Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark Orlando
  • “Time flies when you’re having fun!”- iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving
  • “undefined”- Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium Orlando”

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Theme Park Taglines

Ocean Park Slogan

  • A world of wonders awaits you!
  • Come explore the depths of the ocean!
  • Watch sea creatures swim before your very eyes!
  • An underwater adventure awaits!
  • Discover a whole new world beneath the waves!
  • Get up close and personal with sea life!
  • See what’s under the sea today!
  • Make a splash at the ocean park!
  • Soak up the sun and the fun!
  • Take a walk on the wild side… underwater!
  • dolphins, sharks, and more… who knows what you’ll find!
  • Underneath the waves is a world waiting to be explored…
  • Adventure awaits those who are willing to take the plunge!
  • Get wet, get wild, and have a blast!
  • There’s always something new to see… come explore today!
  • The best part of your day is about to begin… welcome to the ocean park!
  • Leave your worries behind and come explore with us!
  • Dive into an unforgettable experience… welcome to the ocean park!
  • Discover a world beyond your imagination… come explore today!
  • crystalline waters, lush rainforests, and majestic mountains… come explore the natural beauty of (name of ocean park)!

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Disney Land Tagline

  • “Where dreams come true!”
  • “The happiest place on Earth!”
  • “A world of magic and adventure!”
  • “The most magical place on Earth!”
  • “A place where imaginations come to life!”
  • “A fairy tale come true!”
  • “An enchanted kingdom!”
  • “A magical world of fun and excitement!”
  • “A realm of make-believe!”
  • “Where the fun never ends!”
  • “Adventure is just a beginning!”
  • “Laugh, play, and imagine !”
  • “Somewhere over the rainbow”
  • “Seize the day!”
  • “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow”
  • “We create happiness”
  • “The power of engagement”
  • “You’re invited”
  • “Create connection”
  • “Where’d you like to go today?”

What are the Benefits of Theme Park Slogans?

A good slogan can be the difference between a successful theme park and one that fails to attract guests. A catchy phrase that accurately reflects the park’s atmosphere and attractions can help to entice potential visitors. In addition, a well-chosen slogan can also help to create a memorable experience for guests, both during their visit and after they leave.

For example, guests who remember a clever or humorous slogan are more likely to tell their friends about the park, resulting in positive word-of-mouth advertising. Ultimately, a well-crafted slogan can help to bring in new guests and keep them coming back for more.


I hope you found the blog helpful in coming up with your own slogans and taglines for your amusement park. Keep these things in mind when creating your marketing materials: make sure it’s catchy, memorable, and relevant to your target audience. As always, if you need help putting together a comprehensive marketing strategy, our team is here to assist you. Thanks for reading!

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