107+ Creative Drinking Slogans & Tagline ideas

Drinking is a social activity, and what better way to show your appreciation for alcohol than with a clever slogan or tagline? Whether you’re looking for ideas for your own drinking campaign or just want to appreciate the clever minds out there, check out these 107+ creative drinking slogans and taglines. Some are funny, some are wistful, but all of them capture the joys of booze. Cheers!

Drink Responsibly Slogan

How to Create Drinking Slogans?

Are you ready to write drinking slogans that will be remembered? If so, check out these seven steps:

  1. Know your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your slogan? Are you targeting young adults or a more mature crowd? Your slogan should appeal to your target audience.
  2. Keep it short and sweet. A good slogan is catchy and easy to remember. It should be no longer than three or four words.
  3. Make it memorable. A memorable slogan sticks in the mind of your audience long after they’ve seen it. To create a lasting impression, use rhyme, alliteration, or wordplay in your slogan.
  4. Use strong verbs. Verbs like “sip,” “gulp,” “chug” and “quench” are sure to grab attention.
  5. Be creative. Be imaginative and think outside the bottle when coming up with your drinking slogans. Brainstorm with friends or family members to get ideas flowing.
  6. Have fun with it. Your slogan should reflect the personality of your brand. If you want to come across as fun and friendly, make sure your slogan reflects that tone.
  7. Test it out. Before settling on a slogan, test it out on a few people to see how it’s received. Ask for feedback and make adjustments if necessary. With these seven steps in mind, you’re ready to start writing drinking slogans that will be hard to forget! Cheers!

Drink Responsibly Slogan

  • Drink like you have tomorrow.
  • designate a driver, or call a cab.
  • It’s not about how much you can drink, it’s about how much fun you can have.
  • Don’t let your night end in handcuffs.
  • Keep your friends close and your drink closer.
  • Don’t be that person who ruins the party.
  • One bad decision could ruin the rest of your life.
  • You’re not invincible, don’t act like it.
  • Think before you drink.
  • alcohol + bad decisions = regret
  • intoxicated = losing control
  • Please drink responsibly so I don’t have to clean up your mess later
  • for bartenders) If they can’t walk, they can’t talk
  • for bartenders) If they can barely stand, they can barely hand
  • for parents) because raising kids sober is hard enough
  • “I’m not driving, I’m flying!” – said no one ever
  • “I’m not walking, I’m crawling” – said no one ever
  • “I’m not talking, I’m slurring” – said no one ever
  • “I’m not fluid, I vomit” – said no one ever
  • “I’m not alive, I’m drunk” – said no one ever

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Cocktail Slogans

  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that – the perfect recipe for a great night!
  • The best way to end (or start!) any day.
  • A well-made cocktail is a work of art.
  • Delicious and refreshing – the perfect combination!
  • Let’s get this party started!
  • One more round, please!
  • Live, love, laugh, and drink cocktails!
  • The cure for what ails you.
  • The perfect pick-me-up!
  • however you like it, we make it
  • just ask and we will put something special together for you
  • crafted not mixed
  • from muddled to martini
  • handcrafted libations
  • house made mixers & freshly squeezed juices are always available
  • impress your friends, try one of our molecular cocktails
  • it’s written in the stars, find your perfect match
  • meet, mingle, & enjoy one of our delicious handcrafted drinks
  • old world traditions with a modern twist
  • pour yourself into something different tonight

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Cocktail Slogans

Soft Drink Slogans

  • Sip into summer
  • Can’t get enough
  • Cherry on top
  • iced and nice
  • Chill out this summer
  • A refreshing way to break the heat
  • Keep it cool
  • Let’s hear it for lemonade!
  • can quench your thirst like no other
  • Add some spice to your life!
  • so good, you’ll be back for more
  • Available in 10 exciting flavors!
  • Get a taste of the tropics
  • Need a pick-me-up? Grab a can!
  • Jazz up your afternoon with a can of …
  • It’s the perfect drink for any occasion!
  • is it hot in here, or is it just me?
  • For the ultimate refreshment, reach for …
  • tried and true
  • Thirsty? Grab a …!
  • Get the fizz out of your day!
  • Take a break and have a soda!
  • Let us help you take the edge off!
  • A delicious way to relax!
  • Treat yourself today!
  • A little bit of fizz goes a long way!
  • The perfect pick-me-up!
  • Get that spark back in your life!
  • An instant classic!
  • A blast from the past!

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Soda Slogans

  • There’s always room for soda!
  • Make every day a soda day!
  • It wouldn’t be a party without soda!
  • Serve up some fun with soda!
  • Let’s get fizzy with it!
  • Soda is the perfect pick-me-up!
  • Can’t get enough of that fizzy feeling!
  • Soda is the ultimate refreshment!
  • Keep your cool with soda!
  • No matter what, there’s always time for soda!
  • “I’m not saying that I like soda more than water, but scientists haven’t found a way to keep flowers alive in the water.”
  • “If aliens landed on Earth and asked what the most popular drink was, we’d say ‘coffee’, but secretly we all know it’s really soda.”
  • “People who say they don’t like soda are really just lying to themselves.”
  • “Soda is the key to happiness.”
  • “No one ever says ‘let’s get dinner and a water.'”
  • “If you’re not drinking soda, you’re doing life wrong.”
  • “Life is short, buy the soda.”
  • The best thing since sliced bread – and just as refreshing!
  • An oldie but a goodie!
  • Timeless and refreshing!
  • As refreshing as it gets!
  • Like taking a deep breath of fresh air!
  • Clears the cobwebs away!
  • Washes away the worries of the day!
  • A welcome respite from the heat!
  • A frosty treat on a hot day!
  • The perfect antidote to a case of Mondays!

What are the Significant of Drinking Slogans?

Slogans are powerful marketing tools because they encapsulate the benefits of a product or campaign in a memorable way. For example, a company that sells bottled water might use the slogan “Stay hydrated!” to encourage people to drink more water. Slogans can also be used to raise awareness about important issues, such as the need to stay hydrated during summer months. In addition, slogans can be used as calls to action, urging people to take specific steps to improve their health or protect the environment. For example, a public service announcement about recycling might include the slogan “Reduce, reuse, recycle!” Ultimately, slogans are a versatile and effective way to get people to pay attention to a message and take action.


As you can see, there are a lot of clever and funny drinking slogans out there. If you’re looking to come up with your own tagline or slogan for your bar or liquor brand, hopefully, this list has given you some great ideas to work with. And if not, at the very least, it’s provided you with a good laugh. Cheers!

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