101+ Catchy Party Slogans & Tagline Ideas

When it comes to party planning, the invitation is often the first step. After all, how can you have a party without guests? But with so many options out there, it can be tough to decide on the perfect way to invite people to your event. That’s where party slogans come in! A clever or funny slogan can not only help to set the tone for your party, but it can also help to get people excited about attending.

To help get you started, we’ve collected over 100 catchy slogans and taglines for all kinds of parties.. So whether you’re throwing a birthday bash, holiday celebration, or just a good old-fashioned get-together, be sure to use one of these catchy slogans on your next round of invitations! So check out our list below and see which ones resonate with you!

party slogans for invites

How to Create Party Slogans?

It’s that time of year again – time to start planning your party! And what better way to get people in the mood to celebrate than with a catchy slogan? Here are seven steps to writing the perfect party slogan:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. People will remember a concise slogan more easily than a long one.
  2. Make it relevant to your event. Your slogan should give people a sense of what they can expect at your party.
  3. Use puns or wordplay. A clever play on words will make your slogan more memorable – and more fun!
  4. Use rhyme. Rhyming slogans are easier to remember, and they can be really fun to chant or sing.
  5. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your party slogan.
  6. Get input from others. Ask your friends or family for their ideas – you might be surprised at what they come up with!
  7. Test it out. Before you settle on a final version, try chanting or singing your slogan out loud to see how it sounds. With these seven steps, you’re sure to come up with a catchy party slogan that will get everyone in the mood to celebrate!

Party Slogans for Invites

  • “It’s time to get this party started!”
  • ” celebrating (insert special occasion here) in style!”
  • “No need to RSVP, just show up and party!”
  • “(Name)’s big day is finally here!”
  • “Join us for a night you’ll never forget!”
  • “The more the merrier!”
  • “All are welcome at this open house!”
  • “A celebration fit for a (king/queen) !”
  • “Birthday hangover not included.”
  • “By popular demand…” (for those milestone birthdays)
  • “We’re giving (name) a birthday they’ll always remember!”
  • “( number) years and still going strong!” (for anniversaries)
  • “Cheers to (number) wonderful years!” (for anniversaries)
  • “It wouldn’t be a party without you!” (perfect for close friends and family)
  • “just because…” (for impromptu get-togethers)
  • “Let’s eat, drink, and be merry!” (a classic holiday slogan)
  • “The more the merrier during this festive season!” (another great holiday option)
  • “Come over and help us close out (year) with a bang!” (great for New Year’s Eve parties)
  • “Welcome to the wild side!” (perfect for bachelorette or bachelor parties)
  • “Let your hair down and let loose at this rager of a party!”

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Catchy Pool Party Phrases

  • “A dip in the pool is always refreshing.”
  • “The water’s fine, come on in!”
  • “Make a splash at our pool party!”
  • “float your boat at our pool party!”
  • “Pooling our resources for a great time!”
  • “No need to be blue, the pool is open!”
  • “Wet and wild fun for everyone!”
  • “Aqua-Licious refreshments by the pool!”
  • “Dive into our pool of fun!”
  • “We’re going swimmingly, hope you can make a splash!”
  • bring your bathing suit and towel!”,
  • “Best if wet!””
  • “,Cannonball!”””, canon ball!”
  • “Are you ready to make a splash?”
  • “Bring your floaties and join the floating!”
  • “Help me drown my hot summer days!””
  • “It’s time to get cool!””
  • “Come out and play in the sun!”
  • “Let’s have some fun in the sun!”
  • “Time to dive into summer fun!”
  • “Looking for some sun? Then this is the place to be!”
  • Soak up the sun with us today!”
  • Swim on over for some fun in the sun!
  • Jump into summer fun with us today!
  • Can’t stand the heat? Then come jump in the pool with us!
  • The water’s just right, come on in!

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catchy pool party phrases

Bachelorette Slogan

  • Bride-to-be on a mission!
  • Time to put the single life on hold!
  • Celebrate love before the big day!
  • Last fling before the ring!
  • Bachelorette party: because you only get married once (maybe…)
  • Getting hitched…but first, drinks!
  • Bride-to-be and crew: ready to party!One last night out with the girls!
  • “I do”…but first, cocktails!
  • Ready to trade in my heels for white sneakers…not really.
  • To have and to hold”…my wine glass, that is.
  • Going from Miss to Mrs., but not before one last night of fun!
  • It’s time to celebrate being single…for now!
  • Ladies’ night: celebrating the bride-to-be’s last days as a single woman!
  • The final frontier: bachelorette party shenanigans!
  • On this night, we drink like there’s no tomorrow…because there isn’t one!
  • In case of emergency, break out the tequila!
  • Bachelorette party: bring on the cocktails and chaos!
  • If you can’t handle us at our worst…you don’t deserve us at our best!
  • Cheers to the bride-to-be…and to many more nights out like this one!”

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Parties Slogans

  • “A better future for all!”
  • “Putting people first!”
  • “Stronger together!”
  • “Moving forward!”
  • “A brighter tomorrow!”
  • ” voices heard.”
  • “The power of We!”
  • “Change is coming!”
  • “Hope for the future!”
  • “Justice for all!”
  • “Freedom for all!”
  • “Equality for all!”
  • ” prosperity for all!”
  • ” safety for all!”
  • “Healthcare for all!
  • “Making our voices heard.”
  • “The time is now!”
  • “No one left behind!”
  • ” Standing up for what’s right!

Beach Party Slogans

  • Sun, sand, and surf – the perfect recipe for a perfect party!
  • If it’s not on the beach, it’s not worth doing!
  • Let’s get this party started – on the beach!
  • The only thing better than a day at the beach is a night at the beach!
  • Beach, please!
  • I’m ready to get sand in my toes and salt in my hair!
  • Let’s make some waves!
  • Beach bummin’ and partyin’ – that’s what life’s all about!
  • Life’s a beach – lets a party!
  • We’re gonna have a blast…on the sand!
  • Hangin’ ten…and hangin’ out with friends!
  • Keep calm and hit the beach!
  • Ready to ride some waves? Party at the beach today!
  • Make a splash at our beach bash!
  • Catch some rays and good vibes at our place!
  • Time to let loose…on the sand!
  • Swimming not required – but encouraged 😉
  • Get away from it all…and hit the beach with us!
  • Can’t wait to feel those sand between my toes again..
  • Life is just Better in Flip Flops! See ya soon 🙂
  • We’re gonna make waves at our pool party!”
  • “There’s no stopping our pool party train!”
  • “All aboard for wet and wild fun!”
  • “Aqua dreams become reality at our pool party!”
  • “It’s all fun and games until someone gets wet – so let’s all get wet at our pool party!”
  • “Let’s take the plunge and have some fun!”””
  • “”Pool parties are better with friends – so invite your friends to ours!”””
  • “The more the merrier at our pool party – hope you can come to splash around with us!”””
  • “We’re making a splash at our pool party – hope you can join us!'”

What are the Advantages of Party Slogans?

A slogan is a catchphrase that represents a candidate or political party’s key message. In a fast-paced and highly competitive environment, a catchy and memorable slogan can help to grab attention and get people talking.

Used effectively, slogans can also help to crystallize an otherwise complex message into a single, powerful idea. In the heat of an election campaign, party slogans can play an important role in winning over undecided voters.

And while they may be ridiculed by some, there is no doubt that they can be effective in helping to sway public opinion. So the next time you see a campaign sign or hear a politician on the stump, pay attention to the words they are using – they just might be trying to tell you something.


Whether you’re looking for a catchy slogan to promote your party planning business or just need some fun ideas to get the conversation started, we hope this list provides you with plenty of inspiration. If you have any favorite party slogans that we didn’t mention, be sure to share them in the comments section below. And finally, have a great time at your next shindig!

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