109+ Best Tanning Salon slogans & taglines Ideas

This post will give you 109+ slogans for your business! So, The first section is all about the best Tanning salon slogans.So, In this section, there are over 100 different choices from “In the sun we trust” to “Loving life.” There are also logos that can help paint your storefront with some flair.

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Best Tanning Salon Slogans

  • Sun Kissed You Long Time
  • You Know, Cover All Bases
  • Come In And Get Coy   
  • You Glow Girl!  
  • Our slogan: Tanning, Sunbeds, and More!    
  • Get Toasted For A Nickel!   
  • Be Unforgettable
  • We’re In The Mood For Sun  
  • Can You Smell What We’re Cooking    
  • Tan All Over
  • You Won’t Know Unless You Go  
  • The More Difference You See.
  • We’re Here To Brown Your World!  
  • Good Vibrations. Come
  • In And Get Some!  
  • Warm Up To The Sun’s Warmth
  • We Give You The Shining Stars
  • Ready, Set, Glow!    
  • Our slogan: At The Beach All Year Long!              
  • It’s Always Sunny At Our Salon… and we offer tanning too!       
  • Our slogan: Anytime is a good time to tan at our salon!                                
  • Tan Lines Are Sexy Lines
  • Check Us Out For A Sprinkling’ Of Sunshine
  • Our slogan: We’re always sunny here!
  • You don’t tan a ton in a minute,       
  • Go Nuts With A Tan

So, It’s time to get your summer on! Let the sunshine in and the tanning commence. It’s never too early to start preparing for those long days at the beach or by the pool. To help you with your preparations, we’ve compiled a list of some of our Favorited tanning salon slogans that’ll have you getting ready for summer in no time!

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Tanning Salon taglines

  • Indulge in a new you!
  • The darker it gets the better you look.
  • Have a summer glow year round!
  • Our lotions are made from real cocoa butter!
  • If “t anorexia” is your disease, we have the cure!
  • Forget fake baking with our new line of sunless tanning options!
  • Get the golden glow you’ve always wanted without all the harmful UV rays!
  • A gorgeous tan is just a spray away.
  • Your skin will thank you after tanning at
  • We own the night.
  • Tan tonight, looks great forever!
  • We’re here for you party tanners!
  • The darker it is outside, the lighter your skin will be inside our salon!
  • Voted best tanning salon in town five years running!
  • Don’t fake it, get real results with us!  
  • For tanned skin that will turn heads, come see us!
  • For healthy skin exposure to the sun is not required.
  • Check out our newest line of tanning lotions!
  • We’re open late for you night owls!
  • New equipment,
  • new experience, new results!
  • We put the “tan” in amazing.
  • Tanning for happiness!
  • Open today, and get tan today!
  • Get the best tan of your life, today!

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Slogans About Tanning Salon

  • Let the VB light up your life
  • Tanning is not a crime
  • Sizzle and glow with us!
  • We like you as pale as possible
  • Come for the tan, stay for her personality
  • The best way to get over skin cancer…is
  • Because you’re worth it!
  • Get your tan on and off with us!
  • We provide the best color in town…legally!
  • Tanning is not a crime: we apologia for nothing!
  • We only aim to misbehave…tan-wise, that is
  • Tanned and
  • The sun in a bottle
  • Just tan it
  • Tanning isn’t child’s play, but it can be child’s fun!
  • We’re not the only ones who lie to you!  
  • Believing in us will make you look good
  • We won’t stop until you’re tan
  • We love the skin you’re in…that is, if it’s pasty white!
  • With a little help from our sunbeds,
  • That sunshine feeling in a bottle
  • Because we all need one more thing to feel
  • Don’t let your skin be the one that got away
  • A tan for every occasion
  • Come get tanned with us!

I have a few slogans that can help! So,In this blog post, we will be exploring the best slogans for tanning salons. So, These ideas will make people stop and think about your business when they see it on their way to work in the morning. Let’s get started!

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Tanning Salon Marketing Slogans

  • “We care. You glow.”
  • “You’re gonna look great at prom.”
  • “Everyone is tanning,
  • “What do you look like without the tan?”
  • “See more about us here
  • “Your skin will thank you.”
  • “Make it a night to remember.”
  • “Feel Beautiful”
  • “Get Around Here!”
  • “Cover up the Gray, naturally.”
  • “Melanin for sale” 
  • “Let your inner light shine through.”
  • “You want to be tan, we’ve got you covered” “Show me the money”
  • “Tanned from head-to-toe.”
  • “Be a Viking in your own castle.”
  • “Give yourself a facelift!”
  • “Go with the glow.”
  • “Are you a diva or a goddess?”
  • “For the experience of a lifetime”
  • “The color of success.”
  • “Bold is beautiful.”
  • “$ave your allowance for today!”
  • “Shop local, look local.”
  • “Take it off here!”

Tanning salon marketing slogans can be difficult and oftentimes.So, It is hard to come up with a slogan that will actually attract customers.So, This blog post will provide you with some of the best marketing slogans for tanning salons. It includes ideas such as The sun’s not going anywhere, and It’s time to get your bronze on.


Tanning salon slogans can be a fun way to show your customers what your business is all about. We’ve compiled a list of some great tanning slogans that will help you come up with an idea for your own business. If you need help creating a slogan, our team can assist you in coming up with something catchy and memorable that will stick in your customer’s minds. What do you think of these slogans? Are there any that stand out to you as being perfect for your business? Here at (Tanning Salon), we want to make sure that every customer has the best experience possible, and that’s why our slogan is “Best Service with a Smile!”

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