107+ Unique Swim Slogans & Taglines ideas

Even the best swimmers in the world can use a little motivation sometimes. Summertime is the perfect time to hit the pool, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with new swimming slogans and taglines. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 107+ swim slogans and taglines to help you get in the pool and make some progress. Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or just trying to stay healthy, these phrases will inspire you to push yourself harder and achieve your goals. So dive in and see which ones resonate with you!

Swimming Pool Advertising Slogans

How to Create Swim Slogans?

Do you want to be the next Michael Phelps? Or maybe you just want to improve your swimming technique. Whatever your goals, swim slogans can help to keep you motivated. Here are seven tips for writing effective swim slogans:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. A slogan should be easy to remember, so try to keep it under five words.
  2. Use puns or plays on words. A clever slogan will stick in people’s minds.
  3. Make it positive. Think about what you want to achieve with your swimming and use that as the basis for your slogan. For example, “I can do it!” or “I’m getting better every day!”
  4. Use first person. A personal slogan will be more motivating than a general one.
  5. Be specific. Vague slogans are less likely to be effective. For example, “I will swim twice a week” is more likely to stick than “I will swim more.”
  6. Set a goal. Use your slogan as a way to focus your efforts and stay on track towards your goal. For example, if you’re training for a marathon, your slogan could be “26 miles… one step at a time!”
  7. Have fun with it! Swimming is supposed to be enjoyable, so make sure your slogan reflects that sentiment. For example, “Aqua joy!” or “Making a splash!”

Swimming Pool Advertising Slogans

  • “A dip in the pool is the perfect way to beat the heat!”
  • “Come drown your troubles in our pool!”
  • “Make a splash this summer at our pool!”
  • “Find your freedom in our pool!”
  • “We’re the perfect place to make a splash!”
  • “Dive into our pool for some summer fun!”
  • “We guarantee a cool time at our pool!”
  • “Unwind in our pool this summer!”
  • “Our pool is the perfect place to relax and recharge.”
  • “Make a splash this summer with us!”
  • A dip in the pool is the perfect way to beat the heat!
  • Keep cool all summer long with a dip in our pool!
  • Come take a dip in our refreshing pool!
  • Our pool is the perfect place to relax and unwind!
  • We offer the perfect oasis for a hot summer day!
  • Our heated pool is open all year round!
  • Enjoy a refreshing swim in our beautiful pool!
  • Our sparkling clean pool is perfect for a refreshing swim!
  • Our secluded pool is the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life!
  • Our luxurious pool is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing swim!

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Best Swimming Pool Slogans

  • Safety First!
  • Watch Your Step!
  • No Roughhousing!
  • Keep an Eye on the Kids!
  • Don’t Swim Alone!
  • Be Careful of the Sun!
  • Drink Plenty of Water!
  • Avoid Alcohol!
  • Don’t Run by the Pool!
  • Take breaks often!
  • Obey the Lifeguard!
  • No diving in shallow water!
  • Use caution when entering the water!
  • Exit the water carefully!
  • Keep your head above water at all times
  • Know your limitations!
  • Do not swim in bad weather
  • thunderstorm Heed closure signs
  • Follow posted rules
  • Have fun but stay safe!

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Best Swimming Pool Slogans

Swimming Pool Taglines

  • A pool is the perfect place to make a splash!
  • Take the plunge and dive into summer fun!
  • Make a splash this summer – hit the pool!
  • Keep cool this summer with some pool time fun!
  • cannonballs & belly flops – bring on the pool fun!
  • Float your way to summer relaxation!
  • Soak up the sun and chill out in the Pool!
  • Go with the flow and let the pool take you away!
  • Get wet, wild and swimming this summer!
  • No need to wander – the pool is right here waiting!
  • “We don’t just float…we SWIM!”
  • “If you want to stay dry, join the marching band.”
  • “Aqua-holics Anonymous…we’re here to help!”
  • “Life is better when you’re wet!”
  • “I live, breathe, eat, sleep…Swim!”
  • “Swimming is my passion…the water is my obsession!”
  • “I’m not crazy…I’m just a swimmer!”
  • “Pain is just Weakness leaving the body…except in swimming, it’s usually chlorine.”
  • “There’s no such thing as too much pool time!”
  • “In water, I am free.”
  • “I <3 swimming!”
  • “#swimteamgoals”
  • “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” -Dory, Finding Nemo
  • “Think wet, be wet.”
  • “Chlorine is my perfume.”
  • “‘Cause we’re original like that.” – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • “‘Cause the water’s always better on the other side.”
  • “We make waves.”
  • “Leave your troubles at the door..and dive into the pool!”
  • “‘The only time I feel alive is when I’m in the water.'”

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Swim Team Slogans

  • You’re not drowning, you’re swim training!
  • If you can breathe, you can swim
  • I got 99 problems but swimming ain’t one
  • I’m a mermaid/merman
  • Life is better when you’re wetter
  • Waterloo Warriors Swim team
  • All pain is temporary, but quitting is forever
  • Make a splash
  • Rise up to the challenge
  • we make waves
  • let’s get dolphin-ykeep calm and swim on
  • take the plunge
  • cannon ball!
  • jump in
  • make a splashjust keep swimming
  • from stroke to stroke, one day at a time
  • the tiring never stops, but neither does the fun
  • push yourself: because no one else is going to do it for you

What are The Benefits Of Swim Slogans?

Whether you’re looking for a little extra motivation or just want to have some fun, check out these benefits of swim slogans:

  1. They Keep You Going: Let’s face it, swimming can be tough work. There are days when you’ll feel like you can’t take another stroke, but a good swim slogan can help you push through the tough times.
  2. They Help You Set Personal Records: There’s nothing like seeing your personal best time improve thanks to some extra motivation from a great slogan. When you have a personal record in mind, your swim slogan can help spur you on to achieving it.
  3. They Can Be Fun: Slogans don’t have to be serious all the time; they can also be lighthearted and fun.
  4. They Help You Connect With Other Swimmers: As we mentioned earlier, one of the best things about slogans is that they can help break the ice with other swimmers.
  5. They Give You An Edge: In addition to helping keep you motivated, slogans can also give you a psychological edge over your competition.


The swim industry is a multi-billion dollar market and there’s plenty of room for your business to succeed. By creating a clever and catchy slogan, you can set yourself apart from the competition and drive more traffic to your website or store. We hope you found this blog helpful in brainstorming ideas for your own swimwear company slogan. If you need help putting together a marketing strategy that incorporates your new slogan, let us know – we’d be happy to help!

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