171+ Hand Sanitizer Slogans & Tagline Ideas

Do you know how many hand sanitizer slogans exist? It’s a lot! In fact, there are 171+ alcohol disinfectant slogan ideas. While these phrases were created for the purpose of marketing and branding your product. They can also be use to create taglines for blogs or other businesses. What better way to attract new followers than with catchy words that make people want to click “read more?” Get creative with these various hand sanitizer slogans and find one that suits your needs best!

With the recent rise of hand sanitizers, it is no wonder that people are starting to come up with creative slogans. As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of what your customers are thinking. You may think you know how they feel, but sometimes the best way to find out is by asking them. A recent survey showed that people who use hand sanitizer were overwhelmingly happy with their choice of product. More than 80% said they would recommend it to friends and family members too!

So why not try adding some new slogans or taglines for this alcohol disinfectant sanitizer?

Tagline for Alcohol Disinfectant

Hand sanitizer slogans & Tagline Ideas

Hand sanitizer slogans & tagline ideas are a great way to promote your product or service. Not only do they catch the reader’s attention, but also allow them to think about what you’re trying to say with your slogan. Here are some hand sanitizer slogans and taglines that may give you inspiration for yours!

  • Clean hands make for a happy life.
  • Keep your hands healthy and germ-free.
  • Sanitize with ease and peace of mind.
  • Make hand hygiene a habit!
  • Wash away the germs, not the fun!
  • Hands down, the best way to fight germs!
  • Trusted protection against harmful germs.
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs*
  • Feel fresh, clean & reassured
  • For hands that do more than just shake
  • Gentle cleansing power
  • Fight grime with thyme
  • Stay bacteria free
  • ” Germ-X is out, Art Naturals is in.”
  • ” Life’s too short to have boring hand sanitizer.”
  • ” I’m sorry for what I said when I had Covid-19″
  • ” Keep those pesky germs away!”
  • Don’t be acover-up cough-er”
  • ” If you’re not sanitizing, you’re maximizing ”
  • ” Sanitizing has never been so fun!”

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Tagline for Alcohol Disinfectant

This blog post is about what your company’s tagline should be for alcohol disinfectants. As an up-and-coming startup, it’s important to differentiate your product from the competition by developing a catchy slogan that will resonate with consumers. This is one of those parts of marketing that can really set you apart from other companies in the industry and help you grow exponentially!

  • Alcohol Kills Germs Fast
  • Works in Seconds, Lasts for Hours
  • Alcohol Disinfects Quickly and Effectively
  • A Powerful Germ-Killer
  • Kills Germs on Contact
  • No Mess, No fuss
  • disinfects and sanitizes 8. Safety First: Protect Your Family with Alcohol
  • Keep Your Home Germ-Free
  • Stop the Spread of Germs
  • Kill Germs Before They Have a Chance to Spread
  • nfuse Your Home with freshness
  • Bad bacteria beware
  • A clean home is a happy home
  • “Alcohol is the answer, but I can’t remember the question”
  • “I’m not drinking today, I’m Disinfecting ”
  • ” If You Can Smell It, We Can Kill It ”
  • ” Take Back Your Home with Alcohol ”
  • “Do it for the ‘Gram: Disinfect with Alcohol ”
  • “Don’t be a Stranger to Cleanliness: Use Alcohol “

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Tagline For Hand Sanitizer To attract customers

Hand sanitizer is one of those things that we all know we should use, but sometimes we forget. Make sure your customers never forget by coming up with a catchy tagline for your hand sanitizer! Here are 20 ideas to get you started:

  • “The perfect accessory for a germ-free life!”
  • “Without germs, life would be boring!”
  • “Germ-free is the way to be!”
  • “Keep your hands clean and your life will be serene!”
  • “Wash away the germs and start living fearlessly!”
  • “A clean hand is a happy hand!”
  • “So fresh and so clean, clean!”
  • “Bye-bye germs, hello gorgeous!”
  • “Squeaky clean hands make the world a better place!”
  • “Cleanliness is next to godliness!”
  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”
  • “Better safe than sorry!”
  • “Prevention is key!”
  • “Be proactive, not reactive!”
  • “Stop the spread of germs before they start!”
  • “Don’t be a carrier!”
  • “Keep your hands to yourself…and clean!”
  • “Wash those worries away!”
  • “‘I’m sorry’ is always easier when your hands are clean.”
  • “‘I love you’ can always wait, but germs don’t.”

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Tagline For Hand Sanitizer To attract customers

Slogan To Use Sanitizer To Help People

In a world where people are constantly being expose to bacteria and viruses, Hand Sanitizer is the key to avoid getting ill. The best way to use hand sanitizer is by using catchy slogans that encourage you to carry it with you at all times!Hand sanitizer can be a powerful tool in the fight against germs and bacteria. Here are 20 slogans to help encourage people to use sanitizer:

  • Wash your hands, or sanitize them!
  • Keep those hands clean!
  • Sanitize to sterilize!
  • Hand sanitizer: better than soap and water!
  • germ-free hands make for a healthy me!
  • Out with the bad, in with the good!
  • One step closer to being bacteria free!
  • No more nasty germs!
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness!
  • Squeaky clean hands mean a happy heart!
  • Wash away the day and start anew!
  • A fresh start begins with clean hands!
  • New day, new you, new germ-free hands!
  • Sanitize for a healthier life!
  • Stay safe and clean – use hand sanitizer!
  • Bye-bye germs, hello gorgeous skin!
  • Say hello to soft, smooth, germ-free hands!
  • Gentle on you, tough on germs!
  • The more you sanitize, the better off you’ll be!
  • Stay healthy – use hand sanitizer frequently!

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Advertising Slogans For Sanitizer

Do you have a slogan for your hand sanitizer product? A catchy tagline that will sell your product to consumers? You are not the only one who does not have an answer to these questions. So many people are struggling with coming up with an idea, but this blog post is going to help you come up with some killer slogans and taglines!

  • Pure and simple – Keep your hands clean with our pure sanitizer.
  • The power of choice – Choose our sanitizer for the power to kill germs.
  • On the go – Don’t let germs get you down, use our sanitizer on the go!
  • Fresh and clean – Feel fresh and clean with our sanitizer.
  • The power of protection – Protect yourself from germs with our sanitizer.
  • germ-free zone – Create a germ-free zone with our sanitizer.
  • Trustworthy – Trust our sanitizer to keep your hands clean and germ-free.
  • Proven efficacy – Our sanitizer is proven to kill 99% of germs.
  • Tested and trusted – Our sanitizer is tested and trusted to work against all types of germs.
  • On the front line – Our sanitizer is on the front line of defense against germs.
  • always safe – Always feel safe knowing you’re using our sanitizer
  • Kills Germs Dead – Make sure those germs are dead with our sanitizer!
  • Never leave home without it – Never leave home without our trusty germ-killing sidekick!
  • Safe and sound – Keep yourself safe and sound with our top-quality sanitizer
  • Better than soap! – Who needs soap when you’ve got our powerful sanitizer?

Tagline Of Dettol Hand Sanitizer

We all know that Hand Sanitizer is a must-have in the office and on the go, but do you know what it means when your favorite hand sanitizer has “Dettol” as its tagline? This blog post will explore the history of this product and why Dettol is known to be one of the most trusted brands for hand sanitation.

  • The power to protect.
  • Protection on the go.
  • The first line of defense against illness.
  • When soap and water aren’t enough.
  • Killing germs so you don’t have to.
  • Keeps hands healthy and free from germs.
  • Your everyday ally against germs.
  • Trusted protection against harmful germs.
  • Dettol: An essential part of your daily routine.
  • We’ve got you covered – 99.9% guaranteed!
  • Germ-free hands in an instant!
  • The original and still the best!
  • Sanitize without sacrifice – kills germs without drying skin!
  • “” Feeling 100%? We can help with that!””
  • “Wash away your worries with Dettol!”
  • “Always be prepared with Dettol!”
  • “Be kind to your skin – use Dettol!”
  • “No time to wash? No problem – reach for Dettol!”
  • “When life gets busy, trust Dettol to keep your hands clean!”
  • “Sensitive skin? Not a problem – our products are gentle and effective!”
  • Germaphobe approved! – even the biggest germaphobes will love our amazing sanitizing power
  • Stay healthy out there! – Use our sanitizer to stay healthy when you’re out and about
  • A must have for kids! – Keep your kids germ-free with our easy to use hand sanitizer
  • Perfect for travel! – No more worrying about dirty surfaces when you’re on the go
  • Squeaky clean hands – Get squeaky clean hands in no time flat with our user-friendly sanitizer

Tagline For Alcohol Sanitizer

Most people carry hand sanitizer with them, but many forget that alcohol is an important part of keeping your hands clean. This post will share some tagline and slogan ideas for alcohol sanitizers. These are designed to be catchy and memorable so they can help you promote your business or product.

  • Keep your hands clean and your conscience clear.
  • For when soap and water just won’t cut it.
  • Alcohol: the ultimate party drug.
  • Sanitize now, party later.
  • Bye-bye germs, hello good times!
  • A clean body is a happy body.
  • Always be ready to party with alcohol sanitizer!
  • Keep the fun going and the germs at bay.
  • Party on, germaphobes!
  • booze not included
  • cleaning has never been this fun
  • become a germaphobe today
  • 99% effective in killing germs
  • keep your hands bacteria free
  • for a bacteria free life
  • for a safe and clean environment
  • for when you’re on the go
  • for those who like to be prepared
  • for a healthy lifestyle
  • to prevent the spread of germs


I hope you found this blog helpful in giving you some hand sanitizer slogan ideas. It’s important to keep your hands clean, especially during cold and flu season. And what better way to do that than with some fun and catchy slogans for hand sanitizers? Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more marketing tips and advice. Thanks for reading!

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