99+ Catchy School Slogan Ideas & Technique To Make Your Own Slogans

Are you looking for a way to make your school stand out? You’re in luck! We have 99+ catchy school slogan ideas that will help you create the perfect slogan for your school. Whether it’s a new mascot or just an updated logo, we can help you find the perfect slogan to represent your school. Our step-by-step process makes creating a great slogan easy and fun. School slogan ideas that will make your students excited and engaged. You can use these slogans in assemblies, on posters, or even as the basis of a song! It’s easy to create an engaging environment with our tips and tricks.

Create a unique, memorable brand with our simple tips and tricks. With our step-by-step guide, finding the right words is easier than ever before! If you want to be able to say “I did it myself” then this is definitely something worth checking out today! Not only do we give you all of these amazing ideas but also provide helpful examples as well as templates so that creating your own slogans has never been easier. So what are waiting for? Let us show how easy it can be with our awesome tips and tricks!

What does tagline or slogan mean?

In marketing parlance, a tagline is a memorable phrase used as part of the branding of a product or company. It may also be called a slogan. The term “tagline” originated in the advertising industry and comes from the literal meaning of identifying ‘tags’ attached to an object.

A tagline is closely related but not identical to a catchphrase, which is simply a well-known saying used repeatedly by the public or an actor. A company’s tagline should be unique to its brand and memorable so that it will be associated with the company in question.

Taglines are frequently combined with branding logos for use in advertising campaigns, movie titles, book covers, etc., but the term may also be used more generally to refer to any short text message accompanying an image, which is meant to somehow capture the essence of that image.

How To Make a Memorable & Catchy School Slogan [Guidelines]

You need a slogan for your school? I can help you. Do you want to create an effective and memorable slogan for your school? If yes, read on. There are many ways of making catchy slogans for schools but this article will focus on some guidelines that can be applied when creating one.

I remember the first time I voted during the presidential elections, I was given a sample ballot with the candidates’ names and their slogan on it. This prompted me to think about slogans that can be used for schools.

  1. What is your school all about? There are many ways of answering this question but what’s important is getting the message across.  The first thing you need to do is figure out what you want to convey. What is your school’s vision, mission and goals?
  2. Is there a catchy saying or quote that can be used in your slogan? Slogans are generally made up of quotes or sayings that can catch the attention of people. For example, “No pains, no gains” [1] can be used in a slogan to mean that there’s no success without effort. Use something that will get your point across and avoid clichés.
  3. Keep it short, simple and catchy. Your slogan should be short enough so people can easily remember it but not too short that you’ll lose the message altogether. Make it simple so anyone can easily understand it. Simplicity is the key to effective slogans.
  4. Does your slogan seem okay? Before you finalize your slogan, read it over and over again to see if it flows well with the sentences. Make sure there are no double meanings or subliminal messages that are purposely included to make people laugh but may be taken negatively.

School Slogan Ideas & Examples:

  • Better opportunity when you starts here.
  • Education is a life shaper!
  • Education is a corridor, not a destination.
  • Standard Education for the Future.
  • Journey to Excellence.
  • Education is supremacy and makes a person powerful.
  • Education is a powerful weapon, come on take it.
  • Holistic Journey.
  • Education is knowing what you didn’t yet make out you didn’t know.
  • Education is the most influential tool to change the world
  • Contemporary, global school for a contemporary, global age.
  • Place where you can attain.
  • An innovative way to educate.
  • A place for life.
  • An institute for the world.
  • A school of superiority.
  • Education is a way to limitless learning.
  • Education is bitter but the fruit is sweet.
  • Better education improves the realm
  • Education: Single thing that can’t be taken from you
  • You have to discover knowledge if you want to earn
  • Educate! smart is immense
  • Education, a vaccine for brutality
  • No child should be left-back
  • Education is one of the birthrights of everyone.
  • Education is authority.
  • A mind is a dreadful thing to waste
  • Education is a best friend goes permanent
  • Education makes a door to dazzling future
  • Learn today, direct tomorrow
  • Education safeguards the freedom of a person
  • Educated citizens bring improvement in the country
  • Only the learned are free
  • Education is a key to the door of all the ideas
  • Education is a key to success and freedom from all the forces
  • Every child yearns to find out new
  • Education makes a person a conscientious citizen
  • An individual without education is like a bird without wings.
  • Learn today for a better tomorrow
  • A child educated only at school is an inexpert child.
  • An excellent education can change anyone.

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School pride slogans

  • An excellent teacher can change the whole thing.
  • A good education is like an investment; the more you put into it, the wealthier you are.
  • Quality teaching is the utmost gift you can give to you or anyone else.
  • One cannot attain his full altitude until he is well-informed.
  • A person without education is like a building without a base.
  • Wrathful education gifts us the ability to battle with the war of ignorance and poverty.
  • A room without books is like a body without a soul.
  • A knowledgeable mind will always have more questions than answers.
  • All of life is continuous education.
  • Allow yourself to be a novice; no one starts off being excellent.
  • An investment in knowledge pays the best interest; grow a passion for learning.
  • Children ought to be taught how to think, not what to think.
  • Change is the end outcome of all true learning.
  • Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to teach themselves.
  • Develop a zeal for learning.
  • If you learn, you will never end to grow.
  • Not limit a child to your own learning, he is born in a different time.
  • Early childhood education is the key to a better society.
  • Educating the intellect without educating the heart is no education at all.
  • You don’t have to be great to begin, you must begin to be great.
  • Education bangs beauty and youth.

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Education slogan for school

  • Dedicated to Excellence.
  • Creating a community of varied learners.
  • Learn collectively.
  • Confident people glow.
  • Continuing a bigheaded tradition.
  • Creating Successful human, One Child at a Time
  • Urge to be true.
  • Education is an efficacy which makes human a personality.
  • Education is a way to achievement in life.
  • Rising the creative innovators of tomorrow.
  • Discover you’re finest.
  • We look ahead to Success
  • Where Every Student flourish
  • Where children Are #1
  • Honour Shape.
  • Education Brings Success.
  • By birth, all people are identical, but by education become special.
  • The base of every state is the education of its early stages.
  • Marriage can linger, education cannot.
  • Schooling is a superior preference for liberty than a standing crowd.
  • Education is not filling a bucket, but illuminating a fire.
  • The competition For Excellence Has No terminal
  • Today’s learners can be tomorrow’s leader.
  • Together Everyone achieves More
  • Collectively We Achieve The astonishing
  • We spotlight on learning. Respect ourselves and other
  • Together We Make The variations.
  • We rise With Pride When yo join us
  • We Work finest When We Work jointly!
  • Learning Lives Forever.
  • We all belong as one system.
  • Education is a means to success you wish to see.
  • We come in To Learn, go away To Achieve.

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Types of Slogans Use for School

Many schools use slogans to show their unity as a school. A slogan can be used as part of the marketing for any product, event, or cause. For example, McDonald’s uses “I’m loving it” because it has been successful in promoting its brand and products. KFC also uses “finger-lickin’ good” which is very successful in promoting the brand.

Some schools choose their slogans based on what they stand for, while others choose a slogan that is catchy and easy to remember. Some people think that slogans have no meaning, but some of them can be used to convey a message for example: “United we stand” which conveys a message that all students are united to make their school better. On the other hand, slogans can also convey an image for example: “Think outside the bun” – this slogan is used by McDonald’s which conveys the idea of standing out from its competitors.

There are various types of slogans that a school may choose from and they include:

  1. Slogans that promote an image or brand of the school
  2. Personal Slogans
  3. Team, Club, and Class Slogans
  4. Community Service Messages
  5. Political/Social Issues Messaging
  6. Awareness campaigns for disease control, environmental concerns, political awareness-raising, etc.*(Auckland University of Technology).

Some slogans that promote an image or brand of the school are: “Excellence is our business” used by Ashburton College. This slogan shows what kind of attitude they have towards the education and about their goals as a college. The slogan also conveys how different the school is from others because it uses words like “our business” which means that it is what they do for a living, and aim in their lives.

Importance of School Slogans

            Whenever you walk into a school it is usually hard to not hear the loud speaker saying “Good Morning” or “Welcome to School.” In most schools they have an introduction that states the student’s names and what grades will be attending that year. This has been a tradition of always starting your morning off right with some encouragement from new students, teachers, and principals.

Nowadays it seems that school slogans are not as important because the school might not have time to say them or they don’t mean anything to the student body. It is actually very important for schools to have a slogan because it shows the importance of having a principle, it gives students something to look forward to in the morning when they hear the announcement, and it gives a sense of welcoming to students that are new.

Not all schools have slogans or sayings that they announce each morning because some people might think they are not important. But in reality, school slogans such as

  1. “We know where we’re going and how we will get there,” which is from University of Houston’s slogan,
  2. “Houston: we’re aiming high,”
  3. Texas A&M University’s slogan which is also the name of their school; “It’s great to be a Texan”

show that these schools really have a sense of belonging.

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Why Your School Need Slogans For Advertisement

Ads are a marketing strategy that most companies use to promote their products. If you want people to listen to what you have to say, then ads will work for your advantage. You can use ad slogans that show why your school needs something or how it was started. It should tell people the benefits of attending your institution and who its ideal clients would be.

A good example is the slogan for Nigeria’s oldest university, University of Ibadan: “where wisdom and knowledge meet”. This states how it has produced graduates who have helped make the world a better place through inventions such as anti-retroviral drugs used to treat HIV/AIDS (Lungowe, 2015). It also tells people how they would be able to get the most out of their education after attending this school.

The University of Ibadan is an example of a great institution that has used slogans in the past, but it is only one of many. Other universities come up with slogans on a yearly basis to show why prospective students should attend them instead of other schools. For instance, Stellenbosch University decided to use the slogan “Redefine Possibility” because it wanted to show people that there are endless possibilities for those who attend it (University of Stellenbosch 2015).

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If you’re looking for a way to make your school or business slogan stand out from the crowd, this list of 99+ catchy school slogan ideas is sure to have an idea that will spark your interest. With so many creative ideas and techniques at our disposal, it should be fairly easy to come up with something unique and memorable by using one or more of these catchphrase concepts. What are some other ways that you could create a slogan? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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