171 Real Estate Name Ideas & Suggestion List

Branding is a new and exciting way to stand out in the real estate industry. We’ve created this list of 171 names for your brand. All you have to do is pick one! It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or already have an established business, we’ve got something for everyone.

We know it can be hard to come up with ideas on your own but we’re here to help! With this list of 171 real estate name suggestions, you’re guaranteed to find something that will work for your business. Whether you want to be called by your initials or just like to use a hyphen in your name, we’ve got what you need.
Attention: You’ve been looking for a real estate name, and you’re not sure what to call your company.

There are no wrong answers when it comes to naming your home – we just know how important it is to get it right! And don’t worry about spending time sorting through all those other lists on Google – just come here instead!

What is Business Name or Brand Name?

A business name is also like the name that identifies you who you are? In the same way, every business has its unique name and you register with your state to operate. You use it on, your tax forms, your bank account, and other legal documents. For example, Amazon is the business name of the Amazon Company.

What does this all mean?

Your real estate business name, brand name, could all match, but they don’t have to. They are different things and whether or not they match, they all need to be properly cleared for use and protected or you could find yourself inexpensive trouble in the future. Here’s what you need to do:


You need to clear your business name at the state level to start your real estate business, and you need to determine if you will be using your business name as a brand name, too. If so, make sure you follow the steps in #2 below.


You need to do a comprehensive trademark search to ensure your real estate brand name is clear for you to use and then apply for trademark registration for that name so you can protect it and grow your brand in the future.

Creative Real Estate Business Name ideas:

Here are some real estate names ideas are given below. Their list has been given for inspiration and to help you come up with new real estate name ideas for your business. Many real estate company name ideas on the list are unique and attractive however, they may be taken by people who saw them earlier. Therefore, it’s better to check the availability before you decide on any of these names.

  • Affordable Realty
  • Avenue Realty
  • Best Relocation
  • Big Block
  • Cascade Realty
  • Next Home Realty Connection
  • Parker Realty
  • Premiere Property Group
  • Rapid Realty
  • Real Living
  • Unlock Real Estate
  • Urban Pacific Real Estate
  • Wise Cat Realtors
  • Home Smart
  • Infiniti Real Estate
  • Dream Town
  • Full Spectrum
  • Home Basics
  • Empire Properties
  • EXIT Strategy Realty
  • Flat Free
  • Upside Avenue
  • Oakside Realty
  • Pride and Property
  • Hemisphere
  • Nestoria
  • Atlantic Edge Property
  • Exit KeyEvermark
  • Novant
  • In generic
  • Mortgagee
  • Home Glen
  • Digital
  • Home Run Hosts
  • Urban Feat
  • Vozzby
  • Jozi
  • Hozti
  • Dozzby
  • Home City
  • Agency Inc.
  • Thornton Properties
  • Coastal Premier Properties
  • Creative Property Management
  • Urban Real Estate Partners
  • Homestead
  • Key Property Solutions
  • Loan Resolution
  • Peachtree
  • Pro Star
  • Ridge Realty Rentals
  • Indigo
  • Pacific Commercial
  • Sea to Sky
  • Real Estate Corner
  • Redefy

Luxury Real Estate Company Names:

  • Home Pros
  • Condo Living
  • Luxury Properties
  • Property Expert
  • Home by Sean
  • Dream House Seller
  • Buy With Sarah
  • First Homes
  • City Dwelling
  • Prefect Views
  • Apartment Living
  • Homes4Families
  • Your Expert Agent
  • Water Front Homes
  • Heart of Toronto
  • MEM Property Management
  • All-Pro Real Estate
  • American Realty Brokers
  • Ready Real Estate
  • Circle Point Homes
  • Equity Point Real Estate
  • Premiere Property Group
  • Viewpoint
  • We Buy All Houses
  • Your Choice Real Estate
  • Zip Realty
  • Beaulieu Real Estate
  • City Closers
  • Americorp
  • Archstone
  • Asset Realty Group
  • Az Real Estate
  • 50 States
  • Transaction Realty
  • Urban Ash

Creative name for a property Business

  • Hatch Home Team
  • Home & Away Realty
  • Housing Helpers
  • Hull Homes
  • Live Here
  • Mint Avenue
  • Modern Living
  • Move Realty
  • Nathan Tabor
  • Park 85 Realty
  • Property Align
  • O.I. Properties
  • American Traditions
  • Capstone
  • Centurion
  • Regal
  • Rise Realty
  • Selling Paradise
  • The Dwelling Group
  • Champions
  • Chase N Rainbows
  • Cornerstone Estates
  • Domain Realty
  • The Force Realty
  • The Good Home Team
  • Allegro
  • Be Realty
  • Blue Ridge
  • Bond Realty
  • Connect
  • Dwell Well
  • Encompass
  • Every Door
  • Nexus Elite
  • Northwood
  • Option One
  • Penny Realty Inc.
  • America Real Estate
  • RealCapitalMarkets
  • Red Carpet Real Estate

Tips for Naming Your Startup Real Estate Business:

Finding the right name for your startup new real estate business can have a remarkable impact on your as a real estate company success. The wrong name can do fail to connect with customers it can also result in insurmountable business and legal hurdles. A powerful name can be extremely helpful in your marketing and branding efforts.  Here are 12 helpful suggestions for real estate name ideas

1. Avoid hard-to-spell names.

You don’t want prospective clients to get confused about how to find your real estate business online. You want to avoid having to continually correct the misspelt version of your real estate company name. Keep it simple as everyone pronounces it very easily.

2. Don’t pick that name that could be limiting as your business grows.

Picking too small name may cause you problems down. Imagine if someone had picked the name “Online Store” instead of “Amazon.” So avoid these names like “Wedding Shop of Ali Kahn” You don’t want to limit your business to a particular product or a specific city.

3. Conduct a thorough Internet search.

Once you have determined a real estate name ideas you would like, do a web search on your real estate name. More often that, you will find someone else is already using that real estate company name. While that won’t be a total showstopper, it should give you pause

4. Get the Real Estate domain name.

My strong advice to all users is that you secure the “.com” domain name for your real estate business rather than alternatives such as .co, me, .online, .net, .org, .biz, or other possible domain extensions. Customers tend to associate a .com name with a more reliable business. Undoubtedly. Also make sure that to grab your desired real estate business name on popular social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

5. Use a name that conveys some meaning.

You want the business name to convey something positive and meaningful related to your real estate name ideas. Can people immediately get what your business is about? While meaningless names like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have some appeal due to their catchiness, these kinds of names will cost you a lot more than brand.

6. Conduct a trademark search.

Do a search to get a real estate name idea to whether you can get a trademark or service mark for the real estate company name.

7. Assess if the name is catchy.

Obviously, this is a fact you don’t want a boring name for your real estate business, but you also don’t want to choose something that’s too over there. You want your employees to be able to say where they work without hesitation, and you want your name to resonate with your target audience. Before Real Estate Business Name Ideas lets discuss more.

8. Get feedback on the name.

Choose up to within 5 or 10 names and then run them by family members, friends, and trusted colleagues. Get feedback from your target audience as well and review how they will look like your real estate business name suggestion. And make sure that the name doesn’t have any negative connotations and also you can review your target audience’s feedback on which name is suitable for your real estate business.

9. Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud.

Sometimes names seem fine on paper, but the sound on this name is awkward when said aloud. And if it said aloud, make sure people are not confused as to how it’s spelt.

10. Make sure you are personally happy with the name.

Make sure you are a business owner who will have to live with the name for a long time, so make sure you are happy with it and believe it will resound with your customers. Take the time to get it right from the start.

How to Create a Real estate Company Name:

let`s have a look into real estate name ideas to the given method.

Brand Yourself:

Before you name your business, you should have first handle on your niche. Define your goals in your business plan and also define vision statements and mission statements. A software company might want to emphasize the quality and simplicity of its products (hence, Apple) while an accounting firm might want to emphasize its accuracy.

Address your customer base:

You need an understanding of both what your prospective customers are like and what they’re looking for when they come to you. If your target customers are wealthy, you might want to have a name that caters to their upscale tastes. If your target customers are working mothers who don’t have time to clean house, you’ll want to consider a name that either recognizes their busy schedules, their desire for cleanliness and order, or both.

Try a simple one-word name:

Trendy upscale restaurants will often have short, punchy names that emphasize simplicity and quality, like “Fig” or “Feast.” Likewise, “Timberland” shoe specializes in work boots and their simple, earthbound name reflects their product nicely, whereas “Tom’s” emphasizes its personal human touch.

Use a proper Real estate name:

You can use proper Real Estate Business Name Ideas that will help you to pronounce everyone is easy. Including someone’s real name into your business is a great way to feel a personal touch, even if it’s not a real person. McDonald’s was never owned by anyone named “McDonald,” while Papa John’s pizza chain is owned by someone named “John.”Use a proper name.

Make a new Real estate business word:

A name marketing is a one-word made up of two words, like “Marketing” and “Creative. You can create a unique name “This provides an experimental edge to your real estate business and makes it sound fresh and attractive. You are inventing a word, essentially, so it makes a lot of sense for business advisory.


In the end, we will give you a summary of this article. If you have to plan to start a real estate company you need to search first to select the best possible name for your real estate company that is suitable to your location and attractive. We also give you the difference between a business name or brand name and give some tips if you are a startup on how to create your real estate business name. At last, we will give you some real estate name ideas suggestions to select on here to start your company today.

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