Newspaper slogans: 161+ Famous Newspaper Slogans & Taglines Ideas

“What is your newspaper slogan? What about “You can’t beat us”? or “The local paper with the point of view”?” Newspaper slogans are more than just clever ways to grab readers. They’re powerful marketing tools that help define an organization’s values and identity. Therefore, It develops creative, critical, and powerful qualities in a man. So, It offers an opportunity to be the citizens of the world.

So, The newspaper presents different and comprehensive aspects of one event and affair. From “It is still news.” To “We are the voice of the people.”, this blog post has it all! So, Don’t let your company’s identity suffer, get your ideas from here today and be seen as an

Slogan You Like For Your Business

In this article, you will find multiple techniques, strategies, methods, and means to write wonderful newspaper slogans.

  • Use lovable, easy, sweet, and poetical words in your newspaper slogans
  • Be short, accurate, reliable, and meaningful while writing slogans
  • Your slogans should be a reflection of the trends of the time
  • Always abide by truthfulness and loyalty
Catchy Newspaper Slogans
Catchy Newspaper Slogans

Newspaper Slogans & Taglines ideas

Your slogan should contain useful, reliable, and accurate information to your clients. Your slogans should be short but necessarily meaningful.

  • We deliver the news – we make no promises
  • Be informed – stay connected with us
  • Connecting communities with news and information
  • So, Get connected – get informed
  • Your source for news and information on…
  • You matter, your community matters, we care about all that matters to you!
  • Your local source for connecting people to what they need to know and why it matters!
  • It’s more than news…it’s your community
  • Breaking down barriers to make it easier for you to connect.
  • Getting the word out one word at a time!
  • News on your terms.
  • We’re on the scene, on the web, on top of it all!
  • Connecting people with what they need to know…and why it matters!
  • It may be Tuesday, but this week we’re giving them something they can use every day!
  • Do more with us – together we achieve more
  • Be our audience & Join our audience
  • A different perspective – Exclusive content
  • The only way to truly see inside is from the sidelines…
  • Serving the community you live in…and the world
  • More than just your hometown paper, it’s your home base!
  • Newspapers are made for reading…the web is made for sharing!
  • At least someone around here cares about what you have to say…us!
  • Because connections matter…when it comes to news and life!
  • Because telling stories matters…our lives depend on it!
  • The daily grind doesn’t stop where you stop—we’re always only an app away when you need us most!
  • We share our streets…you share yours (to promote safety awareness)

Catchy Newspaper Slogans and phrases

Newspaper mottos should be clear enough to propagate the right, accurate, and creative news to enlighten the world and people.

  • Content that connects
  • Let us show you the way to your next great read!
  • See what over 70 years of local ownership feels like!
  • Read with us and change the world…one word at a time!
  • Your news, your information source, your community…your connection to everything that matters
  • Focused on our readers – passionate about our communities – we bring it all together for you!
  • Shaping opinions one paper at a time
  • It’s not about the dots, it’s about how they connect
  • Your daily news anchor
  • Join us in making a difference
  • We’re not just another newspaper anymore – we’re more than ever – from coast
  • We are your voice…it’s time you start listening
  • Because the written word should never be silent.
  • Staying connected, one word at a time!
  • So, The power of community — now on every platform where people gather.
  • Your first stop for news, sports, entertainment and advertising!
  • It’s no longer just ink on paper…it’s about making an impact .
  • Our stories matter more than ever! running anti-fake news campaign during next US presidential election)
  • We bring the local perspective to the global conversation.
  • News without borders .
  • Our lives are what make our stories. And yours
  • The real news, reported by the people who live it!
  • We’re in your neighborhood–and everyone else’s too!
  • Because local matters!
  • Reporting to you.
  • We don’t just report the news; we make it to
  • Making sure what happens next is up to you.

So, No matter where you go…there is no place like home (to emphasize print, community relevance and their desire to be customer’s primary source of information.

Famous Taglines For Newspaper

We’re not just another place to read the news, we’re the reason you care about what’s happening (for newspaper with strong local connection)

  • Not your average newspaper.
  • We don’t report the news.
  • Keeping our corners of the world connected since 1801.
  • Always first, always fair, always accurate
  • We set the stage.
  • Keep your eyes on us we’ll keep your mind on news .
  • We stand out from the rest!
  • Our future is brighter than ever.
  • It’s not what you read it’s what you become
  • The only newspaper that matters
  • If it matters to you, it matters to us.
  • When every moment matters, every issue is an edition closer to you.
  • So, Information is power. We’re getting closer to where you live with every edition! ).
  • Your world is connected at the heart of it all (for online-only news companies).
  • News without borders
  • We know our neighborhoods…we keep them informed!
  • It’s not just ink on paper anymore.
  • It’s about the journey.
  • There is no “i” in community. We are all connected, so what happens to one…happens to us all
  • If it matters to one neighborhood, it matters to all our communities.
  • We may not have invented the letterpress, but we perfected it (based on Portland’s slogan “We might not have invented it, but we perfected it”).
  • The voice of our communities at their best.
  • As close as your front door.
  • You’ll never stand alone with us by your side.
  • When everyone is connected, communication matters more than ever.
  • Good news is good news. We’ll post it!
  • When the world needs to know, we’re there!
  • Catchy newspapers slogans should essentially baked by sincerity, dedication, devotion, and loyalty as the chief principles of your business.
  • It doesn’t matter if you live here or not.
  • Something for everyone and every day.

Famous Newspaper Slogans
Famous Newspaper Slogans

Newspaper Mottos & Best Ideas.

  • We know the story behind the soundbite. What you want. Where you live. When it matters most
  • So, we ‘re there through thick and thin…literally
  • You don’t need us telling you what happened yesterday — isn’t today’s news more relevant?
  • We live here. We work here. You don’t need to read another newspaper
  • So, It’s not just ink on paper anymore; our stories can touch your heart and soul — print or digital!
  • One town, many communities (for locally owned small newspapers).
  • We’re all connected, so what happens to one…happens to us all!
  • We believe that we don’t create borders between people
  • A different kind of local coverage
  • So, We live here. You live there. No matter where you are, we’re connected
  • We’re proud to print, and we’ll always be your hometown home for local news .
  • To us, a town isn’t real unless it feels like home
  • Because we love our communities
  • More than just ink on paper
  • Life happens here
  • So, There is no ‘i’ in team
  • So, Better together. Because better stories happen together!
  • At your service combined with multiple slogans for various publications.
  • Even if it doesn’t affect you, it affects us (for locally owned small newspapers).
  • For the community, by the community
  • Our stories aren’t just meant for reading; they should make you think!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re here. We’re still your hometown newspaper/news blog!
  • Our lives are what make our community
  • Because news happens everywhere.
  • Life is local. News shouldn’t be
  • We don’t just report the latest news; we hold the powerful accountable!
  • We’re in the trenches with you.
  • The town is always watching.


One of the most common mistakes people make when coming up with a slogan for their newspaper is to try and be too clever. So, The best slogans are short, powerful, memorable phrases that stick in your customers’ minds long after they have read them or heard you say them.

Therefore, We’ve compiled 161 different famous marketing slogans from newspapers around the world to help get your creative juices flowing! So, let us know which ones ended up being your favorite–or if there are any we missed that should be added to our list!–in the comments below!

Newspaper Mottos & Best Ideas
Newspaper Mottos & Best Ideas

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