Candy Slogans: 101+ Candy Advertising Slogans & Taglines Ideas

Are you going to write candy slogans? If you are looking for some new candy advertising slogans or taglines, then this blog post is perfect for you! We have compiled 101+ of the best slogans & taglines ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Start brainstorming and get inspired by these awesome quotes from brands like Hershey’s, M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and more.

This list will provide some guidance on what makes a good slogan or tagline while also providing just enough variety to spark creativity. Get ready to be able to use some of these fantastic quotes in your next marketing campaign!

Candy shop slogans & taglines
Candy shop slogans & taglines

Best Candy Shop Slogans & Tagline Ideas

You know communication is one of the most effective tools, instruments, and weapons of business. if succeeded to evolve a better communication strategy and won the trust of your clients, it means your chances of success are far greater. 

  1. For Breakfast Eat A Big Chocolate Bar
  2. M&Ms Not Mars Bars, makes you spend less time in surgery.
  3. Chewy In Color And Delicious In Flavor
  4. Relieves Anxiety Attacks With Its Sweetness
  5. Milk Chocolate Is Full Of Little Nuts
  6. Tastes Like A Million Bucks For Just A Quarter!
  7. Be Sweet. Do Chocolate.
  8. For The Love Of Cadbury, You’d Pop Out Your Eyes And Ears To See It.
  9. It’s Not Easter Till The Bunnies Eat Reese’s Pieces
  10. The Best Part Of Waking Up Is A Galaxy In Your Mouth
  11. I’m Chunky Enough To Make You Happy, Sugar Bear
  12. My Mate’s Mates Are Marsmen Too (Mars)  …
  13. Would Perfectly Fit Promotion of Male Candies like Mars Bars etc.
  14. Give My Burgers Some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts; I’m Dying To Have One!
  15. It’s 100 Percent Pure Sugar- The Sweetest Thing On Earth
  16. Snickers – It’s Not Nice To Fool With Mother Nature!
  17.   So Many Candies, So Little Time
  18. I Bite The Wrapper, Not The Chocolate!
  19. At Easter, Eat Hershey’s … At Christmas, Eat Candy Canes.
  20. You Can’t Put A Price Tag On Happiness But You Can Buy M&Ms In Bulk And Save Money.

Simple candy slogans will encourage the customers to have business with you. That is nothing other than the simplicity that makes things easier, attractive, and impressive for clients. Similarly, Candy shop slogans should be the ones enhancing the level of knowledge, information, and wisdom to a greater extent.

Creative Candy Advertising Slogans

If you are a candy wholesaler or manufacturer, as well as an advertising agency looking for some catchy slogans, then this is the right place to look! 101+ marketing slogan ideas have been listed below which can be used for marketing campaigns of any type of candies. Whether it is a kids’ chocolate or a chewable tablet for diabetics, these slogans will win the hearts of your customers and increase sales tenfold.

  1. Gimme A Break…In Two Halves! [Break – Nestlé]  …
  2. Promote Chewable Tablets Like Nestle Alkaid For Easier Digestion.
  3. Hershey’s Kisses: We’ll Surprise You Every Time!         …    ……
  4. Encourage Consumers To Surprise Their Loved Ones With A Kiss.
  5. Happiness And Chocolate Go Hand In Hand
  6. Winnie The Pooh & See’s Candies: Two Stuffed Bears, One Great Love!    …
  7. For Wholesale Promotions Of Winnie The Pooh Chocolates And Candies.
  8. The Sweetest Thing Since Sugar Babies Were Born  …
  9.   For the Promotion of Kids’ chocolates like M&Ms etc.
  10.   I Want My Maypo … It’s Ovaltine Time!        …
  11. Promote Breakfast Cereals Like Ovaltine and Maypo.
  12. Candy Is Dandy, But Liquor Is Quicker.
  13.   Wholesale Candy Slogans For Straightforward Candies Promotions And Marketing Campaigns.
  14. If You Eat A Lot Of Sweets, The Lollipop Guild Wants You!    …
  15.   Attention: All Chocolate Addicts  … Your Chocolate With Espresso Has Arrived!
  16. Wholesale Chocolate Brands For Promoting Coffee Mints.
  17. Candies Are The Sweetest Gift From Heaven
  18.  If You Like Chewing Gum, It’s The Right Time To Taste Spearmint Gum!   
  19. Retailers: Use these slogans for marketing and promoting any type of chewing gums.
  20.  A Big Smile For Little Calories!
  21. For the Promotion Of Sugar-Free Candies.

Your slogan should be written in the easiest, simplest, and wonderful way. If your slogan is simple, attractive, and poetical, That will be easily played, sung, and enjoyed by the readers. so that,

Candy Advertisement Slogans and taglines
Candy Advertisement Slogans and taglines

Catchy Candy Punchlines & Mottos

Candy’s slogans list should be written funnily and entertainingly.  Best candy slogans should be full of fun, logic, rationality, and humor.  Famous candy slogans should be reflective of the spirits of the modern age. So, Candy advertising slogans should be necessarily important and convincing enough to attract people.

  1. You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy Lollipops And That’s Pretty Close!    
  2. Encourage People To Buy Lollipops As They Bring Smiles On Their Faces.
  3.   Get Grubby With M&M’s (Mars)
  4.   Wholesalers: Boost Sales By Mentioning Grubby In Your Taglines!
  5. They’re Wrigley Good.
  6.   Wholesale Promotional Slogans For Chewing Gums Brands Like Big Red And Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum.
  7. You Can’t Stop A Banana Eating You
  8.   Snack Promotions Of All Kinds Of Tropical Fruits Like Banana, Pineapple Etc.
  9. I’m Not Cranky, I Just Have A Lotta Nuts (Peanut Butter)
  10. Boost The Sales Of Peanut Butter By Mentioning Cranky In Your Taglines.
  11. All Abroad, They’re Chocolate; At Home, They’re Cash (Hershey’s)   
  12. Every Nougat Does Not Have A Coconut Center (Nestle)        …
  13. The More You Eat The More You Want       So Who Wants Seconds?
  14.   If You Love to Eat Sweets, Then This Is for You .
  15. The Bigger The Bag, The Sweeter The Deal!    …
  16. Wholesale Candies Slogans For Bulk Sweet Deals.
  17. Milk chocolate bars melt in your mouth, not in your hand (M&Ms)
  18.   It’s Not Just For Xmas- It’s A Whole Year Round Thing!
  19. Candy Promotions For Different Seasons.
  20. Yummers! They’re Laffy Taffy!
  21.   The Funniest Slogans Of All Time To Cheer People Up.
  22. Where There’s Chocolate, There’s Hope (Baci)

Snicker’s slogans should be encouraging, pleasant, and up to the expectations of your clients to the fullest extent. Therefore, Skittles slogans should be better results orienting. M&m slogan should be reflective of the decent and dignified services that you offer.

Creative Candy Slogans & taglines for Social Media

Twix’s slogan should bring a positive change in the attitude of your clients. Start burst slogans should load with information, instructions, and knowledge. so, Mento’s slogans should be encouraging and written with juicy words.

  1. My Hound Dog Can Sit On Hershey’ s Chocolate (Hersheys)
  2. Give Me A Break- I’m Sweet Enough Already (Life Savers)    
  3. Promote Life Savers Candies By Quoting Your Pet’s Sweet Tooth.
  4. Chocolate Really Can Make My Day (Cadbury)
  5. It Only Tastes Like A Mint, It Doesn’t Look Like One- So Seize The Day!
  6.   Wholesale Mints Slogans For A Fun Way To Cheer People Up.
  7. Do You Eat Sweets & Lose Weight? If Not, Try Sugar Free Lollipops!
  8. The Creme De La Creme Of Chocolates (Godiva)        …
  9. Use This Slogan To Promote The Best Chocolates.
  10. It’s Good For Two Or More (York Peppermint Patties)        …
  11.   Wholesale Candy Slogans To Promote Bulk Sweet Deals.
  12. I’m A Milk Chocolate Kind Of Guy!
  13. You Can’t Beat Us, So Join Us (3 Musketeers)
  14. … It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Eat, As Long As You Taste Hershey’s !
  15. Yum- It’s A Chocoholic’s Dream (Hershey’s)  …
  16.  Promote Bulk Candy Deals By Using Sweet Slogans.
  17. Did Somebody Say Chocolate (Milky Way)        …
  18. A Delicious Way To Convince People Of Your Sweetness!
  19. How About a Little Sugar? (Nestle)       …
  20. Punch Happy And Add Some String Along With Your Slogan- For Instant Success!

Similarly, candy bar slogans should bring a positive change in the attitude of your customers.


Comment Below! Share your favorite candy slogan. We want to know what you think of ours and get your input on some new slogans we came up with too. We’ve seen a lot of great advertising slogans from these companies, but which is the best? What would yours say? Let us know in the comments below!

Candy slogans and taglines
Candy slogans and taglines

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