Air Conditioner Slogans: 213+ Best air conditioning advertising slogans

Are you going to write air conditioner slogans? Do you know the best way to keep your business cool? How about a new air conditioner? Check out our list of over 200+ catchy slogans for air conditioning! These are great to use in advertising campaigns. This post is perfect for any business owner looking to stay cool this summer.

best slogans right here. Some are funny, some are clever and some will make you cringe. Whatever it is, we have a slogan for you! This list is updated every day with new slogans so be sure to check back often. You can also share these on social media or use them as inspiration for your own advertising campaign. Have fun!

If you’re not yet convinced, then read on and find out more about why this blog post is worth reading. You’ll be glad that you did!

Slogans Which You Like For Your Business

  • Your air conditioner slogans should be short, smart, and sweet
  • Your air conditioner slogans should be interesting, funny, and jolly
  • You should show utmost sincerity, loyalty, and dedication to your clients and profession
air conditioning advertising slogans
air conditioning advertising slogans

Catchy Tagline For Air Conditioner

Here I have shortlisted some great air conditioning slogans that will impress you as well as promote your business . These slogans can be used in print ads, web banners, videos, presentations, brochures etc.

  1. Cooler Than Cool.
  2. For A Refreshing Change.
  3. Clean Hands Save Lives! Save Water, Tap an Air Conditioner™
  4. The Way Life Should Be. Window-and-Ductless
  5. You are Here to Admire Our Great Work!  Carrier AC Ads™    
  6. How Does Your Garden Grow?
  7. Day’s Hot Dogs…Bartlett’s Best!  
  8. How Does Your Garden Grow?  
  9. Choose the carrier that’s right for you.
  10. Every Day is Earth Day When You’re Good to Mother Nature!
  11. I’ve Been Greenwashed By The Best.         
  12. Clean Hands Save Lives! Save Water, Tap an Air Conditioner™
  13. More Music In My House…Less Noise In My Head!
  14.   More Cools Less Sucks.  
  15.   Made Entirely From Recycled Materials.
  16. We’re On Our Way To 75 Years Of Quality.
  17. Bryant, Carrier, Payne. All The Cool Kids Are Using It – What about You?           
  18. Cools Like A Dream!
  19.   Air Conditioning…Good For Your Health!     
  20. My Window is the Box”    
  21. At This Temperature We’d Like To See You More Often!
  22. A/C…It’s Not Just for Attics Anymore! Mixed Company of AC Experts.           
  23. Makes Everything Else Look Badass By Comparison.
  24. The Coolest Place to be is Inside This Room!    
  25.   Keeps On Getting Better…Like An Apple a Day .        

Therefore, write slogans keeping in view the understanding level of your clients Use simple, understandable, and familiar vocabulary to convey your message.

Best air conditioner tagline Ideas

  1. Cooling The Home Of Our Customers Worldwide!
  2. Yes, It’s Cool Inside. That’s Because It’s An Electrolux Air Conditioner.
  3. The Quality Difference Is Measured In Years, Not Months
  4. Wherever You May Roam, We’ve Got Your Cool!
  5. Do You Like The Cold? Better A Cold One! 
  6. Today’s Cool Appliances For Tomorrow’s Warm Homes
  7. Proudly, Better Living Through Technology
  8. A/C – The Big Chill Treat!
  9. Yes, It’s A Klimaire Too!
  10. The Only Thing Better Than An Electrolux Air Conditioner Is A Klimaire One.
  11. Satisfaction Guaranteed!    That’s The White Westinghouse Promise!  Electrolux, White Westinghouse Need Help With Your Cooling System?   When You Need Cold Call Us! We are the cold call specialists
  12. The Quality Difference Is Measured In Years, Not Months
  13. Yes, It’s Cool Inside. That’s Because It’s A Daikin Air Conditioner.
  14.  Today’s Cool Appliances For Tomorrow Warm Homes
  15. Today Tough, Tomorrow Tougher…That’s Electrolux!
  16. A/C – The Big Chill Treat!
  17. It’s Cool Inside Because We Make It That Way.
  18. Let Us Make Yours That Way Too. Approved Vendor of Carrier™ .
tagline for air conditioner
tagline for air conditioner

Therefore, Your slogans should be the reflection of the aspirations of youngsters. Your slogans should be the voice of the hearts of the people. 

Funny slogan for air conditioner

  1. For every action, there is a reaction.
  2. If you don’t stop and smell the roses, someone else will.
  3. Life’s too short for hot coffee.
  4. We’re all born naked and wet – then it starts to rain!
  5. I like it lukewarm. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right…most of the time
  6. Energy drinks aren’t just for teenagers anymore…G’day Mate!
  7. We turn ice into water.
  8. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!
  9. Never let your drink get more than three feet from you at any given time.
  10. Quit while you’re ahead – we’ll save your seat.
  11. Come for the beer, stay for the air conditioning.
  12. Ice cold and refreshingly different. Aa right! What’s in yer cup? (New Zealand accent)
  13. It’s not summer without snow cones.
  14. My house isn’t cold enough; where’s my jacket?
  15. Cold or cool, it doesn’t matter to me today…
  16. enjoy yourself with our air-conditioned establishment…order what you like!
  17. Shrimp anyone? Sorry, these biscuits are lukewarm – the little piggies kept eating them while they were hot.
  18. For our defense, we got coolers.
  19. Bring out the ice cream! Ice Cream Man cometh!!
  20. A Cooler Place to Be…Come on inside!
  21. Take your beer where it’s cooler?
  22. Look at all these bearded ladies!
  23. We’re sorry that you had to wait for your food – but someone turned up the heat. You feel me? Come in and relax, the water’s just fine.
  24. No bodies allowed – except drowned ones. That’s different. (We’ve got AC…Do ya need some help with

Therefore, always hold the greatest purpose of sincerity supreme while writing slogans.  Your slogans should be like a friendly bridge build with truthfulness, sincerity, and loyalty to your customers.


We can’t think of 213+ catchy air conditioning slogans. But we’re sure you could! Have at it and comment below to share your best, funniest or most creative slogan. Who knows? Maybe one of yours will be the next big thing in AC marketing, with thousands of likes on social media-or better yet-sold out units within a few hours!

air conditioner tagline
air conditioner tagline

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