No smoking slogans: 293+ No smoking tagline & slogan ideas

You are here for No Smoking slogans for your Business Campaign? It is a wonderful idea as we know that many youngsters are destroying their lives. Smoking is a silent killer that travels in packs across the world. It burns from the inside, damages the lungs, and causes cancers. Smoking weakens inners strengths, diminishes immunity, causes anxiety, and takes away beauty. It is the worst type of enemy of mankind.

Smoker not only damages himself but also injures those in the surrounding. It shortens the life span with rapidity. Also,it provides relief for the time being but inflicts heavy damage in the long run. It is like opium which gratifies and satisfies the senses for the shortest time and pains in the longer run.

It is really important to prevent our younger generation from falling prey to this menace. Those falling prey to this destroys themselves physically, mentally, and socially. In this article, you will write methods, techniques, and strategies to write engaging and fascinating slogans

anti tobacco slogans
anti tobacco slogans

How to write engaging slogans

Easy, comfortable, and familiar communication is the backbone of any long term. Easily understandable and familiar tongue facilitates and supports in reading, discussing, writing, and analyzing the slogan. It gives them chance to think deeply about the issues that concern them.

Since you know that people from different backgrounds especially the illiterate and less literate in a majority of the cases, fall prey to this evil, not knowing potentially disastrous consequences on their health. Slowly and gradually, they develop their health begins to deteriorate, and eventually, they find their lives completely ruined and destroyed.

No smoking slogans & taglines

It is important to co-opt and equate smoking with evil, destruction, monster, ignorance. Such narratives will develop a lot of hatred among the people against this evil of society.

  • Say yes to life.
  • Be A Fighter; Put Down The Lighter.
  • I am strong, I don’t smoke.
  • Make it last forever.
  • Put down the cigarettes.
  • Tobacco kills.
  • Second-hand smoking kills.
  • Stop smoking now.
  • Lung cancer is no joke.
  • Smoking drains you out.
  • Don’t put your lips on fire.
  • Eliminate smoking from your life.
  • The choice is yours but don’t be late.
  • Put it down.
  • Smoking INJURES your Health.
  • Smoking makes you appalling.
  • Cigarettes are cancer sticks.
  • Don’t pout, put it out.
  • The Cigarette is dead.
  • Smoking hurts the people around you.
  • Habit is stronger than reason.
  • We want a cigarette-free world.
  • Cool fellows don’t smoke.
  • Say no to smoking.
  • Be smart. Don’t start.
  • It’s a matter of your health.
  • Quit calling malignant growth.
  • Smart people don’t smoke.
  • SPLICE your health.
  • Smoking kills.
  • Cancer cures smoking.
  • Smoking stinks and kills.
  • Make healthy choices.
  • Tobacco is wacko.
  • Smoking PACKUPs your Health.
  • Be Cool, Don’t be a Fool.
  • Be smart – Don’t start.
  • The disease is serious stuff.
  • Smokia causes impotia.
  • Tobacco is for wacko.
  • Life is valuable, smoking is risky.
  • Quit and stay healthy.
  • Your health is in your hands.
  • Inhale steadily, live cheerfully.
  • Try not to make debris of yourself.

You know some evils spread due to being idealized. Some people idealize evil and the rest of the people follow them. This atmosphere of idealization starts from the elite class of society. Therefore it is imperative to make it condemn by the elites.

Anti-tobacco slogans

Anti-smoking slogans and posters should be stalled in public places. Anti-tobacco slogans and no smoking posters with slogans should be aired on all the public and government buildings as a campaign everywhere in the country.  World no tobacco day quotes should be communicated with clarity far and wide consistently to condiment this evil.

  • You don’t need to smoke to be hot!
  • Stop smoking – Start living.
  • Try not to puff your life away.
  • Smoking isn’t cool.
  • Kill the cigarettes or they kill you.
  • Stop smoking before it stops you.
  • Don’t give up your lungs..
  • Kick it before it kicks you.
  • Dad, I love you! Stop Smoking!
  • Stop it forever.
  • Be Cool – Don’t Be a Smoking Fool.
  • Say sorry to cigarettes.
  • Ditch that pipe, for the sake of your life.
  • Hang tough, don’t puff.
  • Don’t smoke, it’s not a joke.
  • Smoking- A Grave Mistake.
  • Smoking SCARES your Health.
  • Try not to smoke you will gag!
  • Put it down.
  • Smokers are losers.
  • Don’t take their breath away.
  • Smart folks, don’t like smokes.
  • Stop smoking now.
  • Smoke today – Weep tomorrow.
  • Don’t kill yourself and us too.
  • Reject today or regret it later.
  • 100% smoke-free.
  • It’s easy to quit.
  • Say no to smoking.
  • Share clean air.
  • Burn calories, not cigarettes.
  • Trash the Ash.
  • People are haters of smokers.
  • Smoking and hacking live respectively.
  • Quit smoking, please.
  • Stop it Stupid!
  • Smoking? It’s horse crap.
  • Put it out before it puts you out.
  • Your lungs don’t deserve tar.
  • Say NO to tobacco.
  • Just give up cigarettes.
  • Stay healthy and stop smoking.
  • Don’t take smoke as a joke.
  • No smoking at any time.
slogan on say no to tobacco
slogan on say no to tobacco

Say no to smoking slogans

Your tone of slogans should be bold, inspiring, and eye-catching. Like a revolutionary reader, you should continue to chant slogans all across the country to defeat and eliminate this evil from the map of the world. The slogan on no tobacco should be written emphatically.  Slogans on say no to tobacco should be written with well-thought words to disown it.

  • Be Cool – Don’t Be a Smoking Fool.
  • Say sorry to cigarettes.
  • Be important, don’t be impotent.
  • Kill your bad habits, not yourself!
  • Keep calm & quit smoking.
  • Smoke. Stink. Die.
  • Don’t puff your life away.
  • Be savvy, Don’t begin.
  • Face cigarettes.
  • Live it or Burn it…
  • Cigarette, sexual limit reducer.
  • Be important, not impotent.
  • Don’t be a wacko, stop tobacco!
  • More than one cigar at a time is excessive smoking.
  • You can live without it.
  • Cigarettes burn holes in your pocket.
  • I don’t dig your cig.
  • Smoking isn’t beneficial for you.
  • Do it before its too late.
  • Don’t turn your lungs into ashes.
  • Say YES to NO Smoking.
  • It’s conceivable.
  • Smokers are jokers.
  • Stop smoking. Start living.
  • Tar the roads, not your lungs.
  • Smokers are jokers – Don’t smoke.
  • Smoking Kills.
  • Stink. Die.
  • Resist the urge to panic and deny cigarettes.
  • Stop calling cancer.
  • Do it before it’s too late.
  • Your wellbeing is in your grasp.

Say no tobacco slogans should be the topmost priority of your mission in the campaign against tobacco. The slogan on the anti-tobacco day should be inviting the attention of all your readers.  Slogan about no smoking should be promoted and propagated at all schools, colleges, universities, and government buildings to counter the spread of this evil.


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no tobacco day slogans
no tobacco day slogans

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